LVMPD releases body cam footage of Gov. Sisolak’s vehicle accident

Earlier in October, Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak (D) was involved in a vehicle accident while driving through Las Vegas, and at the time it was reported that the governor, along with the woman in the other vehicle involved, both only suffered minor injuries.

While the accident went mostly unnoticed by the media, that changed this week as the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released bodycam footage showing a worried Sisolak telling officers what happened while expressing concern over what he believed would be a “media circus” as a result, Fox News reported.

Not only did the governor, who was obviously shaken, have a difficult time explaining what caused the wreck to take place, many on social media who reviewed the body cam footage questioned whether or not the governor was intoxicated or otherwise medicated, given his somewhat bizarre behavior.

“I didn’t see any cars coming, and this thing hit me so hard, I can’t even tell you,” Sisolak told LVMPD police. “It flew. I mean, it spun my car around, I think twice.”

According to News 3 LV, the woman in the vehicle that struck Sisolak’s vehicle was carried away from the scene in a stretcher and ultimately transported to Las Vegas’ UMC hospital.

Interestingly, Sisolak, who admitted he didn’t abide by the yellow light’s meaning of “yielding,” was later charged with “failure to yield.”

As some Twitter users pointed out, especially now given the context provided by the body cam video that shows Sisolak describing the accident, questions have been raised as to why the woman in the accident was administered a field sobriety test, but the governor apparently didn’t have to.

“Cop said he didn’t see or smell anything so they just let it go, anyone else probably would have been given a test,” one user wrote. While we’ll likely never know for sure, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that the governor was afforded special treatment, as it seems to be a perk these days of being a high-profile Democrat.