Louisiana GOP votes to censure Senator Bill Cassidy after anti-Trump vote

GOP Senator Bill Cassidy voted to convict President Trump during his sham impeachment trial in the Senate. The blowback from his constituents was swift and angry.

In a decisive move that bodes ill for Cassidy’s future in the GOP, the Louisiana GOP Executive Committee immediately voted to censure him for his vote.

Breitbart reports:

On Tuesday, the Louisiana GOP stated it is “profoundly disappointed” in Cassidy’s vote to join with Senate Democrats in their claim that impeaching Trump is constitutional and that a “trial” should proceed.

Cassidy said at that time, “A sufficient amount of evidence of constitutionality exists for the Senate to proceed with the trial.”

Cassidy, and the other Republicans that joined him – Sens. Richard Burr (NC); Susan Collins (ME); Ben Sasse (NE); Mitt Romney (UT); Lisa Murkowski (AK); and Pat Toomey (R) – played into the Democrats game on impeachment. They’re either traitors, or criminally stupid.

They need to leave the party – and the sooner the better.

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  1. Those RINOs that voted for impeachment are far from being patriots. They are part and parcel of the “old guard” swamp afraid of seeing an “outsider” accomplishing what he promised. Like the Dems, they see that they’ll have to actually “put America first” and represent those that elected them to office, instead personal interests.
    These RINOs will now be held accountable, not only to their states parties, but to the voters that elected them.
    Their lame rhetoric is no longer acceptable!

      1. Because they are GREEDY and without conscience. The rich and powerful always think they are smarter than we “deplorable chumps” and that they are above the law. We-the-People all need to do exactly what Louisiana is doing. Knock that arrogant chip off their shoulders.

    1. Amen – I cannot stand those spineless RINOS. I am 85 years old and have never seen a better president than Donald Trump was. How can anyone with an ounce of discernment in their evaluation process not realize that?!! I am actually very disappointed in the citizenship of our country who couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Now look at what we are stuck with. Crooked Biden – he even brags about his shakedown of Ukraine with his son Hunter’s help. It was documented all over the internet in his own words.

      1. Extremely well Said 🤗 I Doubt These Rinos WIll Care What We The People Have To Say About Their Rhetoric Or
        Their NonPatriitic Actions 😕

        1. U r so right only ppl RINOS listen to r their lobbyists & special interest groups- its ALL ABOUT THE $$$$$$
          They r all bought & pd for – they hated Trump as they didn’t OWN HIM!!!

      2. I agree with you 1000%. I am 80 years old, an immigrant from a communist country! I love this country! I cannot understand the people that were born and raised in this country but do not love their own country! If I were young I would pick up a gun and lead the way!

    2. I agree 100%. They are not Republicans. They are fake just like the fake news. Let’s impeach Polosi, Shumer Waters,AOC, Harrris and Biden. They have encouraged riots and fights. Then put Hillary in prison for her treasonable acts. Tot for tat.

      1. Well said and I agree with you on impeaching Polosi, Shumer, AOC, Harris and Biden, they are all very BAD people.

    3. At least the Dems stick together. Many of the Republicans have no loyalty except to themselves. Many vote for what they think is good for themselves and not the party or their voters.

    4. It is time for the McConnells and many others over 75 to go home and stay. They have no idea of what life is like today as they have gathered their millions at taxpayers expense. The list is very long and too many of them are in the same condition as Uncle Joe.

    5. Sorcerer 7, Well said my friend, there has to be millions of us out here with these same sentiments. Hopefully some of the other states with these RINOs will do the same as Louisiana did.

      1. I agree with you. The stage has been set to impeach former Presidents: bush, Clinton and Obama! Today more then ever Biden and Harris. There is plenty of sludge on them at the bottom of the swamp! Republicans need to get a move on.

    6. Yea, let us just have that civil war nowUt will end with the USA being destroyed in one hour We end-time Babylon. Trump send us to it. his people have to defend him by destroying the courts.

    7. GET’EM OUT NOW or I will NOT SUPPORT THE RNC anymore! I will never support anyone who turns on MY PRESIDENT TRUMP! TRUMP 2024!!

      1. Do NOT donate to the RNC, but always donate to the person you want to elect. Donate to President Trump at Mar-A-Lago.

    8. Those who voted to impeach should beheld accountable. Their gutless cowards and were only concerned about themselves and their jobs and money. I JUST CAN’T believe they didn’t see all the good things Trump for this country and voted for impeachment.

  2. Greatest movie i ever saw. A real made for tv reality show. Just stop wasting our taxpayer money on the false claims about trump. Maybe they will get a noble peace prize nomination. Term limits. no more “lifers”. Your 1890 thinking is long gone.

      1. Gregory,
        I agree impeach them all! The lies and information the house managers put up for this trial is unbelievable. The managing senators most who are lawyers falsified evidence edited speeches. They all should be put on trial if it was any other Americans and not politicians they would be in jail right now!!

    1. I totally agree. These sham impeachments need to stop. Nancy Pelosi should be removed from office or be forced to pay back all the money and politicians time wasted on sham impeachments. Can she be impeached? If so she should be. She is such a verdictive person. Americans need to send a message that we are sick of all of her shenanigans. She knows this election was fraudulent and that Trump will win in 2024 just as he did in 2020.

    1. I am disscusted& ELATED that this MAN, PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP, A MAN who does what he says, And says what he does! He at the Very Least EXPOSED the FAKERS, go along to get along, out for themselves Thieves, with money, positions( that True candidates that so Respect the Constitution& Follow it’s Written Laws could be in) All the Swamp, so WE THE PEOPLE CAN ERADICATE, GET RID OF etc, silence some now& oust them in 22!!

  3. Romney has already said he is not going for reelection which is a smart move. Utah ens have seen thru him and he couldn’t get elected Dog Catcher.

  4. Term limits for ALL senators and representatives. This includes both parties. I’ve had enough the “lifers”. Strike ALL of politicians from down from their life platforms. Enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Agree term limits! To al Rhinos and Demorates WE DONT FORGET AND WE ARE COMING FOR YOU. For Dems that voted for sleepy Joe areyou enjoying yr 2000 check? 🤥 You all will be paying w our tax $ free stuff Biden will be giving to all the immigrants coming in Our state housing, medical, schooling bc Americans are last and immigrants are first. And it’s ALL yr doing

  6. I already emailed Susan Collins and told her how disappointed I was in her decision. I thought she was good for ME, but when you put friendship ahead of your voters makes me wonder if I will vote for her again. Maybe a good republican will run against her.

  7. Yep, time to implement term limits! I applaud the states who have shown the rinos there are consequences for their actions. Don’t have a clue why they voted that way as it is clear as day it was not true. Maybe they will now take actions against those in the 13 min video showing dems and their violent rhetoric. How about it murkowski, collins, and gang?!

  8. when they do something wrong against this country or people impeach on the spot and nail them right on the spot we need no proof or evidence, just impeach, like they did to trump !! theres a love of them in washington with all sorts of crimes against this country and people

  9. We need to first and foremost take down the lame street media once and for all, and stop the lying and fabrication of the truth and then we need to vote out every democrat that is in office and also the Rino’s and those on the right
    That you are doubtful about ,like Macarthy,Graham, Rubio, and then we need to go after the truth of this election and there was fraud, no doubt. We then have to shore up our legal system the courts from the top down, as well as the us attorney general system ,come up with a better process for selection and get the politics out of it. Last but not least we need to get a tight control around the necks of Big tech, bring this country back together and stop all this racism and defund the police garbage the ones calling to defund the police are the first ones to call them when they are in trouble,
    And it starts with us the Voter. Come on people
    Let’s fix it now!!!!!!!!

  10. Weebles wobble. They tried to figure the odds and they figured wrong. Now they are where they tried to put Trump—out.

  11. Need term limits to remove the corruption in all office in government. Also all government employees fall under the military pay scale. If it’s good enough for the military then it’s good enough for them.. need a pay freeze on all government employees except the military. The taxpayers money is being stolen from the people..

  12. It’s not the politicians that need to go. American citizens need to get rid of the protections the unions have with civil servants and public teachers have.

  13. Terry, why cant the republicans hold a vote to either remove the rinos or let them stay? Seens to me that should solve it. If the vote is to remove. immediately they are no longer in the party!!

  14. Why can’t the GOP play by the same rule book as the DIMWITS ? In other words, do as they please,make the rules as they go along. Fight fire with fire.

  15. I Agree, as I posted on Facebook as soon as I got the news about the Republicans that voted with the liberal democrats , that the Republican Party should censer them and fund other good sound republicans to replace them. it was a disgrace for them to join the oppose party.

  16. The Democrats should be forced to pay the cost of the Impeachment trials instead of We the People, Maybe they would think twice about putting us through this BS

  17. I believe most of Congress should probably resign. They depend so much on those they employ to do their job and I do not believe they know what goes on right under their nose. I will bet money you could pick out a quiz on current events to give them and they would fail. Our US Congress is a shame and disgrace to those they represent. They know more about what a Lobbyist wants than those they represent.

  18. How much was paid to the 7 Republicans to get them to vote with the Dems against Trump? They are probably rich enough to retire now.

  19. YES, YES, Yes this is what every State GOP should do immediately to EVERY RINO in Every State!! Then start looking for their best replacement come next election!! Flush All Rinos!!!!!


  21. These Politicians that take an oath to uphold need to have a test before running for office to see if they know what the Constitution says. Nevertheless, they should govern the way they want to be treated. We, the People, who believe in God, A Real Family, and Country should be careful how we choose these folks to represent us in Washington. They somehow become depraved when they reside in the Roman Empire in washingon, DC. I think DC stands for Devil Country.

  22. The strength of the party depends on unity and solidarity of goals and members. They are supposed to be and work as a team and not turn on their own. The Constitution must be preserved as written and we need defenders who will stand up for that cause. RINO’s have invaded the party and have eroded the efforts of patriots in attacking other members and the chosen leader of the electors. They exposed their traitorous intent and should no longer be accepted as members of the team or party. This is especially true of our senior leaders whom we all look up to, to lead the efforts and charge for conservatism, protect our chosen leader and defend attacks against all loyal GOP senators. McConnel, Pence and Cheney among other respected leaders have failed and instead have applied their own personal bias and prejudice in disregard for the people’s choice. There is no room for senators who go rogue against the electors wishes and voices. They need to realize that the electors are the ones who placed them into a position of voice. Despite their own prejudices, contradicting as it may be, they need to conform to the electors wishes and some have forgotten who they represent. I think I speak for a lot of donors and supporters who want to see the weak links removed and the GOP return to operating as a unified ‘team’.

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