London millionaire real-estate mogul drops dead at age 33

Multi-millionaire real-estate mogul Vivek Chadha has died mysteriously, according to The Daily Mail Online.

Chadha, 33, collapsed at a central London early in the morning hours of Sunday and died, just two months after marrying now-wife Stuttee Chaddha, 29. 

Shortly before his demise, he was seen partying at the exclusive Annabel’s nightclub on Saturday night. His wife, soon after, told MailOnline that, “There are no words to describe what has happened. I’m in shock and still trying to make sense of it.”

“We only got married eight weeks ago and it was beautiful. Now I’m having to deal with the loss of the love of my life. I’m stunned and heartbroken.”

According to one source cited by the Daily Mail, “He did not die at his central London address but was at another location when it happened. We don’t know the full facts yet and are waiting to establish what exactly occurred.'”

The young affluent new husband had close ties to the Conservative Party grandees and ran the multi-million-pound Nine Group, according to the Daily Mail. 

Chadha was part of the organization’s extensive hotel and property interests and, according to the report, there will likely be a post-mortem to nail down the cause of Chadha’s death, partially due to his young age and lack of health conditions. 

Jasbir Chadha, the deceased’s mother while making a statement, saying “We are in total shock and it’s too early for us to say anything about Vivek and his achievements.

“There will come a time when we will pay tribute to him but at the moment, it’s too early for us. We are in too much pain.”