List of potential SCOTUS leakers narrows as investigation continues: Report

Curiously, one of the most profound violations of one of the most trusted institutions of this nation, the leaked draft decision from the U.S. Supreme Court that revealed Roe v. Wade would be overturned, seemed to have been swept by the wayside by most of the media.

However, the investigation into who, exactly, leaked the draft decision and perhaps more importantly, why they leaked it to the public weeks ahead of the final decision, is gaining steam. According to Fox News, the list of potential leakers is beginning to narrow. 

Almost immediately after the initial lead, which sparked outrage from the pro-abortion, radical left, to include Democratic lawmakers, Chief Justice John Roberts announced that an investigation would be promptly opened.

However, nearly three months have passed since the unprecedented leak, and there have been exactly zero official updates from the high court on any progress — or lack thereof — that might have been made.

Fox News was able to get an inside scoop:

But multiple sources tell Fox News the investigation into the approximately 70 individuals in the court who may have had access to the draft opinion has been narrowed. Sources say much of the initial focus was on the three dozen or so law clerks, who work directly with the justices on their caseload.

The clerks in the narrowed-down group had previously been asked to turn over cell phone records, though it’s unclear whether all of them cooperated with that request.

Fox News added: “Supreme Court law clerks work on a one-year contract for individual justices, and their term typically ends in mid-July. Most of the law clerks have now presumably moved on to other jobs, and any future cooperation with them into the leak investigation was seen as problematic.”

It also remains unclear whether or not the individual(s) responsible for the leak will be criminally prosecuted, though many legal analysts say it was a clear violation of federal law.