Lisa Murkowski cast deciding vote to confirm radical leftist Vanita Gupta

The Senate confirmed Vanita Gupta as the Associate Attorney General in a tight 51-49 vote on Wednesday, according to The Hill.

Gupta now holds the number three position at the Department of Justice, despite best efforts by conservatives to fend off the nomination. 

Republicans brought objections to her nomination, due to her work as a civil rights advocate during the Trump administration.  

“Your record is one of extreme partisan advocacy,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said at Gupta’s confirmation hearing last month, according to The Hill.

“Your record is an ideologue. There’s a role in our democratic and political process for ideologues, people who are extreme, radical advocates. That role, I believe, is not being the No. 3 lawyer at the Department of Justice in charge of the impartial and fair administration of justice.”

Gupta was an outspoken critic of former President Donald Trump and the GOP controlled Senate’s efforts to ensure as many judicial nominees were confirmed as possible while Trump was in office. 

This was brought up to the now third in command at the Justice Department during last month’s confirmation hearing. She apologized but rejected the claim that she wants to defund the police. 

“I regret the harsh rhetoric I have used at times in the last several years,” she told the Judiciary Committee. “I wish I could take it back.” 

The one Republican who decided the majority was Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) who voted in favor of Gupta. She was quickly castigated by other members of her party for the decision.