Liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer hints at retirement

Liberal justice Stephen Breyer just dropped an unsubtle hint about his possible retirement.

“I mean, eventually I’ll retire, sure I will,” Breyer said while noting that “it’s hard to know exactly when.”

Fox has the scoop:

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer indicated that he does not plan on remaining on the bench for the rest of his life and will retire at some point.

Justices enjoy lifetime appointments, and while some like Justices Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg have remained on the court until their passing, others like Justice Anthony Kennedy have called it quits early. In an interview with Slate, Breyer said he looks to be among the latter.

It looks like Breyer is hoping for a Biden presidency, which would allow him to be replaced with a left wing judge.

He’s also probably trying to avoid what happened to his former colleague, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who failed to retire under President Obama and eventually died in office under a GOP president.

Its safe to say that Liberals will demand a replacement even more radical than Breyer himself.

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15 Responses

  1. Breyer can take a friggin’ hike! He is an impaired justice, biased against Trump and the conservatives! How does one get rid of a Supreme COurt Justice? Is there a way it can be done?

    1. He will if he gets lead poisoning like he deserves, Joe will try to make Obama the next justice if they can fix is screwed up law degree, but crooks always have a way…

  2. Good riddance to liberal/traitor Breyer! Trump will appoint another conservative justice in his next term. YES Trump has 4 more years folks. Just wait for the show Jan 6 and then the grand finale on Jan 20th!~!~!~

    1. Amen, President Trump will put in the next Supreme Court Justice and maybe 2! Can’t wait until President Trump takes the W.H. In 2021. And he will be in the W.H. In 2021. I am so thankful!!


    1. All the Supreme Court justices, except Alito and Thomas, should retire. They failed in their job to listen to the Texas case. They failed to listen to one of the greatest cases submitted to the Supreme Court due to injustice Roberts, who should never have been appointed to the Supreme Court. Roberts told Lin Wood, in language not to be repeated, how he hates President Trump. He wanted Trump to go. Roberts has been reported to be on airplane rides with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Roberts should be disbarred as he listed the reason for not listening to the Texas case, “Texas has no standing”. This is legal jargon, not in the US Constitution. It is a made up phrase by judges that do not want to listen to cases as these judges are partial to the person or company or state that wants to present a case. Judges have to follow the US Constitution and not make up legal phrases to suit them in dismissing cases brought to them by a person, company, organization. This is how they get around the law illegally. Roberts and the 6 other judges on the Supreme Court, including the 3 that Pres. Trump put on the Court, should be impeached and disbarred. Ms. Barrett, the great judge, who is supposed to be a known scholar of the US Constitution, agreed with Roberts in the Texas decision. These 7 judges should hand in their resignation as the decision of “Texas not having standing” is a made up phrase, not in the US Constitution. I am going to write about Roberts everytime I get a chance unless he resigns from the Supreme Court. Remember a judge is not allowed to change language in a law sent to him as the Obamacare law. Roberts changed the language of this law to suit Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats. He was not allowed to do this. A judge cannot change the language of a law voted on by the House and the Senate. Roberts and the Supreme Court only had to vote up or down on the law and never change the language of any law. Roberts and the rest of the judges on the court that voted against hearing the Texas case should hand in their resignation or else be impeached and disbarred due to the reason that “Texas had no standing”. There is no such law in the US Constitution. It is only a phrase made up by incompetent lawyers if they do not want to listen to a case. And that is exactly what Roberts convinced the 6 other judges, with the exception of Alito and Thomas, to vote down. Thomas and Alito wanted to hear the Texas case but incompetent and lawless Roberts would not let Texas appointed attorney, Ken Paxton, bring his case to the Supreme Court. I have come to the conclusion we have a lawless government. No one in the House or Senate complained about Roberts’ dismissal of listening to the Texas case which was about the fraud committed by the Democratic states in this election. I suggest these judges now resign who voted with Roberts against listening to the Texas case about the election. All but Alito and Thomas.

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