Liberal comedian Bill Maher is OVER IT – slams CDC over updated mask guidance

A surefire way of knowing when liberals have traveled too far off of the reservation is when Real Time host Bill Maher feels as if he needs to comment on a given situation, which happened this week after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) flip-flopped on mask guidance for vaccinated Americans.

According to Fox News, the edgy comedian — a man certainly not known for his conservative views — opined on the CDC’s latest guidance, summarizing the new rules as nothing more than a band-aid for business owners government agencies to be able to “cover their a**.” 

Maher held nothing back in his criticism of the confusing guidance issued by the CDC last week, in which the agency reversed its decision from May that vaccinated Americans would be able to ditch the mask, saying now that people in areas of “high” or “substantial” transmission rates, vaccinated or not, must mask up indoors.

Given the increased spread of the Delta variant of the virus, that covers a large swath of the entire country.

“The CDC put out new mask guidelines now, which, it’s all just so f****n’ confusing,” Maher said. “Indoors, outdoors, vaccinated, not vaccinated, masked, not masked. The Walmart shoppers don’t know who to punch anymore.”

He added: “So now we’re back to wearing the mask from the front of the restaurant until the waiter brings the breadsticks,” Maher said. “It’s called science, people! Sometimes I think we have to cover our faces so other people can cover their a–.”

Maher went on to take a rare shot at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who was one of the first leaders on Capitol Hill to reinstate a face mask mandate for House members and visitors.

“Anyway back to the masks, the House of Representatives reinstated the mask thing, and Kevin McCarthy, he’s the leader of the Republicans, he does not want to wear a mask. And Nancy Pelosi called him a moron. Then she remembered wait this is Congress, we have a certain decorum, she said ‘My esteemed moron,'” Maher said.

While Maher might not be everyone’s cup of tea, he should be applauded in this instance, as the CDC’s updated mask guidance and overall handling of the pandemic at this point should raise questions that transcend political beliefs.