‘Let’s go, Brandon’ closing in on ‘Kamala Harris’ in Google searches

Vice President Kamala Harris has had a bit of bad luck in the area of public perception and the results of Google searches are no exception. 

According to Fox News, the search for Kamala Harris, the nation’s second in command, is barely beat out out the anti-Biden “Let’s go, Brandon,” moto in Google searches.

The former senator from California has gotten a plethora of negative feedback for her time in office, as part of larger growing displeasure with the current administration. 

Fox reported that according to Google Trends, “Let’s go, Brandon,” has thus far reached its peak popularity in web search inquiries on Nov. 1.

That date was about a month after the slogan (which really means “F— Joe Biden,”) took the internet by storm following a NASCAR race where a reporter attempted to cover over the more expletive-ridden chant. 

“Between Oct. 5 and Nov. 8, the phrase consistently beat Harris in web search inquiries. Harris saw a spike in searches on Nov. 19, the biggest surge since she was sworn in after President Biden briefly transferred presidential power to her while undergoing a colonoscopy under anesthetic,” Fox reported.

“Since then, “Let’s go, Brandon,” has remained relatively neck-and-neck with Harris in Google search inquiries as of Thursday.”

Despite the popularity of the search on Google, the trends are also not taking into account the potential for popularity amongst other search engines. 

Many conservatives have gotten frustrated with Google, which they consider to be leaning too far to the left, and have taken to alternative options, such as StartPage, DuckDuckGo, and Yandax.