Legal expert claims Democrats might be looking for ‘nuclear option’ for Kamala Harris

Professor, attorney and conservative political commentator Steven Hayward addressed the possible political prospects for Vice President Kamala Harris, saying that there may be a need for the “nuclear option” among Democrats. 

According to the attorney’s article in Power Line, Harris is already getting pushback from mainstream media, including CNN and POLITICO, and it could be that those articles were planted by staffers for President Joe Biden. 

“I’m not sure whether the same can be said about today’s much more savage story in The Telegraph: ‘With Kamala Harris looking unelectable, the Democrats are considering the nuclear option,'” Hayward said. 

And while it would be easy to brush of the Daily Mail as sensationalist overkill, Hayward cited  The Telegraph is a “staid broadsheet,” sauomg that “some of the content of this story is all the more astounding for the panic it discerns within the Democratic Party.”

“Democrats desperately scrambling to find a potential successor to Joe Biden in 2024 are whispering about a potential nuclear option that could see Kamala Harris, the current Vice President, nominated to the Supreme Court. . .”

“The left-field Supreme Court theory would mean Mr Biden nominating Ms Harris, a former high-flying prosecutor, if a seat on the court became available over the next three years, which it may well. Mr Biden could then use Section 2 of the 25th Amendment to nominate a more popular vice president.”

“That person would be the presumptive Democrat nominee should Mr Biden not run for re-election at the age of 82. If Mr Biden stepped down before Nov 2024, the new vice president, under Section 1 of the 25th Amendment, would assume the presidency, and be able to run as an incumbent. . .”

According to the political commentator and legal expert, these leanings away from the vice president are not plausible, since it “sounds more like a nuclear option for the Supreme Court to me, as Harris’s lightweight intellect would be embarrassing on the Court.”