Leaked memo: Manchin is demanding that the Democrat bill be cut by more than half

Senate Democrats are faced with how to bring back Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) into the fold and convince him to vote for their social and climate spending package, according to The Washington Examiner.

Manchin has made it clear, in writing, that he has demands if he is going to agree to the energy policy. How do we know this? A memo was leaked to the journalists at Politico outlining a secret deal with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer that would limit the cost of Democrats’ reconciliation spending bill to $1.5 trillion.

The West Virginia Democrat has also reached out to his colleagues, according to a memo obtained by Politico, and while Schumer signed the document, the party leader reportedly left a note in the margins saying that he intends to “change Joe” on some of it.

“He asks that the Senate Energy Committee he chairs have “sole jurisdiction on any clean energy standard,” a reference to Democrats’ Clean Electricity Performance Program,” the Examiner reported.

“That was the expectation of how things would proceed anyway, since the program would be implemented by the Energy Department that his committee oversees.”

Manchin is calling for “innovation not elimination” of energy sources, something much more right than left at this point in history, and much more in line with what the people of his home state have indicated they believe in.

The West Virginia representative added that he expects the clean electricity program to be “fuel neutral,” and said he wants the plan put in the bill to be less harsh on natural gas and to reward the utility providers that switch from coal to gas.

Manchin is one of the key votes for the Senate’s technical majority. Both Manchin and Sen. Krystin Sinema have withheld their support of the bill, indicating they would have trouble justifying that cost to their constituents.