Lawmakers urge Mike Pence to invoke 25th amendment

After an explosive day that included a mostly peaceful demonstration by Trump supporters in DC, marred by an inexcusable assault on the nation’s capital, many Democrats are seeing their chance to strike.

Multiple outlets are confirming that lawmakers in DC are huddling in a desperate effort to invoke the 25th amendment to remove Trump before his presidential term is up.

The Hill reports:

Democratic lawmakers called on Vice President Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment on Wednesday and remove President Trump from office, blaming the president for inciting the rioters that violently breached the Capitol building.

“Dear @VP @Mike_Pence: You need to start the 25th Amendment. @realDonaldTrump is detached from reality,” wrote Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.)

Never mind that President Trump explicitly condemned the violence at the capitol today, telling supporters “I know your pain, I know your hurt. We had an election that was stolen from us. It was a landslide election, and everyone knows it, especially the other side…But you have to go home now. We have to have peace, we have to have law and order.”

Due to the actions of a few crazed individuals, Trump’s entire presidency could end in defeat and disgrace. What a sad day.

Our nation needs prayer.

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    1. God is in control Mr. Pence, not you! You are a traitor and WE THE PEOPLE do not want you and your cronies ! Shame on you for pretending to be such a good Christian and then helping baby killers go in office! God will take care of all of you , you can rely on that! You are a liar and a traitor! I will be praying for your soul!

      1. Agree totally Kaye !! Wonder why Maxine Waters wasn’t taken out as she Called for violence , and pelosi and others Never condemed antifa And blm as they burnt and destoyed cities and statues !! BUNCH OF BS

      2. Pence is thinking of his own political future. Wise up sir it’s over for you. You showed you to are a coward!

      3. Pence Is An Under cover Democrat and a turn coat thinks of his betterment and Slaps Trump in the face He will lose in the End.

      4. Agreed! Pence is a a traitor as is McConnell, Schumer, Pelosi, Cho, and many more. Every cabinet member who resigned over this “riot” caused by Antifa members in disguise, is a cowardly fool! Also WH staffers who resigned have been part of the plot against Trump! If God is for us, who can be against us.” Trump is President until the 20th, unless God intervenes. Ukraine has hard-core evidence against Joe Biden and they issued a criminal arrest warrant for him. Money laundering is only one item. What God has allowed is showing who around Trump has been against him. It needed to happen so they could be exposed. Do not blame Trump for Antifa coming to D.C. with guns, etc. Rise up O Lord and let your enemies be scattered! Lift high the banner of God, hallelujah, sound the trumpet of war! Christ has gotten us the Victory, Jericho must fall! Go to (search) Robin Bullock, a prophet of God, on You Tube. Listen to his prophecies.

  1. It was just 50 to 100 agitators–probably radicals who infiltrated the crowd. These leftist politicians and newscasters are liars and thieves.

    1. I agree 100% and people just jump to conclusions right away! There is still paths for TRUMP to take in the next 2 weeks and the leftist radicals and deep state are getting desperate! You will see the mountain of evidence that will be revealed soon and somewhere the MILITARY is working with TRUMP! Exciting times! Trump will win this! The dirt will bury these evil doer RINO’s, DEMS , DS, and MSM!

      1. News people are the worst they report worst and keep things stirred when they have no idea of truth can’t believe anything they say too bad they don’t have to pay for their lies I especially don’t care for O’Donnell and gale king . They are only to report new not to insert their 2centd worth

      2. OMG – FROM YOUR LIPS TO GOD’S EARS !!!!!!


          1. No double standard here! Not much!!! Try replacing Trump’s name and his son’s name in this statement and watch how fast trump and his son would be prosecuted! But we, the God loving people on the right, are the scum of the earth!

    2. Agreed!!! Even saw a photo of an ANTIFA member on TV last night that was at another riot in the Summer, as well as another person with a white supremacist shirt standing on the balcony. That tells me that all the trouble was coming from the outside Dem rioters.

    3. They were probably the Antifa came in to stir things up. They knew the Mayor of DC wouldn’t let the police do anything to them. The Democrats love them as you can see how they protected them in all those states out west where they destroyed everything they could. The Antifa and the Black Lives Matter should have been stopped the first time they started their destruction. The idiots that want to defund the Police deserve what ever happens to them but the people deserve protection. They should vote out or recall every one that even brings it up to defund the police. They need to get good and honest policemen,give them a polygraph test before they hire them. Then give them the authority to enforce the law. Let the thugs know that if they resist arrest they will lose.If a man pulls a gun on a policeman or policewoman they should not have to give the thug the first shot.

    4. The MSM are aware that the ‘rioters’ are Antifa, but all refuse to mention the fact. That includes the overseas networks as well..

    5. Brian, I agree with you about the agitators there to make trouble and disorder to be blamed on the MAGA protesters. I hope all the scum will be caught and delt with accordingly including the crooked polititions.

        1. We already know it and the other side knows that we need our minds changed for us as if we forgot how to think for ourselves! Let it be known, “We could never forget what has and what is happening right now and the Government officials of all agencies will not have any cooperation from the People who are going to live a Godly way which are the ones with the Most important Skills that they don’t have but desire”!

    1. The rioters were ANTIFA and were handed the capital by security. It was all planned by the left. Why smdo you think it was so easy for them to get into the capital building? Because it was all planned and sadly someone died as a result of police brutality. They shot an unarmed woman for no reason.

      1. Glenda, thank you for your comments and I agree with you 100%. Ashli Babbitt, a 35-year-old was the woman killed and she was a 14 year Air Force veteran.

      2. Right! Trump’s administration and the congress were infiltrated to the max by the CCP, Chinese spies, and all manner of evil doers. It isn’t over, folks. It isn’t over. Pay attention to who is not saying much. Andrew Cuomo, by the way, has the most evil looking eyes!

  2. Repubs have seen the last repub ever to be elected to POTUS. The repubs have also seen the last time they will ever control any part of congress.
    Voter fraud is now institutionalized and perfected to be our future. The people’s vote no longer will count . The DNC machine votes will count a tally the votes without a vote being processed.
    Welcome to communism.

    1. Absolutely! Thanks to all the RINO’s and COWARDS!!! who betryed us and the best president this country has ever had! We finally were blessed with a president who cared about the common people and about not padding the back pockets of everyone in congress and their friends and pet projects. THAT IS WHY THEY DON’T LIKE HIM!!! I, for one, will keep a list of those who said they would stand by Trump and therefore the people of this country but instaed decided to betray us. They will NEVER, NOT EVER get my vote again! Hoping all of you will join me in this!

      1. Let’s form a New USA with Trump as president. Biden can have California and New York and Illinois (all those democrat infected states) and we will have Texas, Missouri, Alabama, the Carolinas, etc.

        1. They can have GA too! All the Georgians conservatives can move to TX to ensure it stays conservative! Somehow the GOP has to find a way to reclaim big cities!

        2. Sounds good to me. We can secede from the U.S. and start over! To h*11 with the Democrats who are damned anyway unless they repent and turn from their evil ways. Abortion is Child Sacrifice to Baal! It happened in Biblical times and is happening now.

  3. The Democrats and some Republicans in the House and Senate woke the sleeping Dragon. They’re Fighting For Their Freedom and their Rights as citizen of the United States,you toke their right away from them . You forget who put in office those same people could put you out of office If there is any kind of treason it lies on the steps of Congress and the Senate. Not Trump he’s for the people I think lot of you for got what he stand for,That the citizen of US is number 1. If your talking about treason you need to look in your own backyard and yourself.

  4. If the truth came out one would find that the ones who breached the capitol and tore up and damaged the offices were ANTIFA and BLM members dressed like TRUMP supporters ! That had been bussed in and paid to cause the trouble to give the DEMOCRATS and others a wat to remove TRUMP knowing they had stolen the election as stated.!

  5. Phone pics identify Antifa punks at this rally. Why wasn’t the DC police ready? DC has a Democrat mayor, that’s why. Out of the thousands who were there, of course, Trump supporters are being blamed! THAT was the intent and the brain dead Democrat supporters believe it of course! Only a few cause a problem out the thousands who were there! God help us!!

      1. All the police I saw their didn’t look like they were even serious about stopping them !
        They should look into the police also.!
        I truly have a hard time believing this was Trump supporters. If it was I am sorry and saddened that they would do such a thing . However , they should also investigate the wonderful DC Mayor (not) ! She made a big deal out of being concerned about Trump Supporters rioting!
        She was supposed to be putting on extra coverage because of her concern! Where was it?? VP Pence had to call in the national guard This was a total set up!!

        1. I bet you’re right !! Antifa And blm dressed up with MAGA hats and our flag to make it look like it was Trump supporters , but that Truth will Never see the light of day !!

  6. Probably staged by the left to get Trump out as soon as possible. The america we grew up on is gone. It’s a sad day.
    So, let’s start the impeachment process now! Impeach Pelosi and Biden.


  8. I will pray they not put all Trump supporters to jail and camps.
    Probably they began to build camps for millions of us !
    China will teach this mafia how to start this job.
    God where are you ???

  9. If people think that what was done by supporters. Don’t understand. Obama as it is noted paid money to a group of radicals. He paid BLM AND ANTIFIA TO DISTROY TRUMP. There was another group, too. Two guys that I saw on tv. Where in Chicago and Washington. I watched Newsmax and I recognized them. The Dems had this all planned. And the election in Georgia was rigged. It was the Dominion machines. Both Republicans where way ahead
    Than in the middle of the night the Republican votes went down. And there votes went to Dems. They no it was rigged. Wake up people. We are going to loose our freedom and our constitutional rights. They will pick who will run our country. Soros has paid trillions of dollars to get rid of Trump. Obama is running Biden. Everyone that Biden put on his cabinet where under Obama.

  10. The ‘coup’ to remove Trump started with China and their evil virus, in my opinion and the dems, rinos, DOJ and the courts were all in on it! The politicians only want a “politician” in office who will give away everything our country has which will include ‘grabbing’ personal property; They do not want a non-politician president who knows business and is tough with enemies! They want to keep getting rich and richer with all their government “deals”! Guess what folks, someday our country will have NOTHING after they have given everything away! Many of the people voting for this disaster will be standing in bread lines with no bread to be had!

    My guestimation is that thousands who sent in absentee ballots don’t even know what the agenda is for those they were voting for – it is called IGNORANCE! But who know, maybe they were richly compensated!

    1. YES! Obama and Fauci made a trip to China in December 2019 to visit Wuhan Labs. I asked them what they were doing there but (surprise) I got no response from either of them! The internet has been scrubbed of their trip also. Surprised?

  11. Just like Laura Ingram said last night, she had gone to many of Trump’s rallies and never saw anyone get out of hand, everyone showed love and caring, but did notice the clothing of some of the radicles that broke in yesterday that she never saw at Trumps rallies. I had already felt they were Antifa just by the way they were being destructive. This had nothing to do with Trump, but with those that wanted people to think it was Trump’s people. God has a plan and right now He is watching and hoping to see change in those whose hearts are cold.

  12. I don’t think we should risk a repeat performance at the swearing in of President Elect Joe Biden. Plans should be made to have many more law enforcement and whatever military support that can be used. It was obvious that these protesters were motivated by President Trump’s rally prior to their arrival at the Capitol Building and expression of free speech is a right but what this mob did in totally unacceptable and to avoid that President Trump should not be allowed to be there to encourage any negative activity at the inauguration.

    1. President Trump did not encourage any negative activity, he asked them before the march started to remember we were the peaceful group and he told them to stop when it had started he realized that everyone was upset but to go home and remember we were the peaceful group. Maybe you should check, when Antifa states they have accomplished their goal after the march. Doesn’t sound like the Republican’s started this.

  13. Pence is a back stabbing traitor to Trump and the American people and country! It is Biden and his nasty Demo party that needs to be removed! They are destroying Some thing has to be done to stop them! our country and making it it a Commie dictatorship!

  14. This is BS and there is not place for it. If Pence ever wants another [political job he best mind his own business and leave Trump alone….we have long memories!

  15. If they think that D.C. was bad , if they try to take out President Trump , the National guard wouldn’t be enough , they’d need the military !!! BELIEVE IT !!!

  16. Trump LOST get over it!
    White supremacist terrorist did the damage and need to be charged.
    Don’t believe the LIES about a rigged election you sheep. No evidence was ever found to be credible.

  17. If they remove him using the 25th amendment he will not be able to run for office in 2024. They are terrified that people will realize the destruction they bring and if Trump runs in 2024 he will definitely win

  18. I feel OUR president should come back with a new party Keep America Great, those of us that believe in him, vote for him. The others can go to HELL.
    The way they have abused him is shame full, no respect. This other lying, cheating, demented, person that has been stealing our money for 47 years,
    and his Dem devils, I will not be interested in, I don’t believe or trust them. They where the one’s that set all of this up.
    What about all the towns that where de-stroyd, and people hurt by all those natzies, that’s not who we are either, I know what there capable of.
    And nothing was ever said about that, those DEM DEVILS are getting away with all this. Who in the hell is going to stand up for this country?
    While this new bunch takes over, those low lives. all these OLD white no it all people (I’m white).

  19. The President has 13 days left in office once again the Demon-rats are over reacting as they are so power hungry and can’t wait to finish destroying the country.

  20. I’ve lost every ounce of respect for VP Pence. He’s gutless with the backbone of a jellyfish. No one said it was his job to reject electors. If he’s following the official requests from state legislators to return their certifications, then it NOT Pence that’s making the decision. It is the state legislators making the decision. All they are asking is for you to send their official certifications back for further review. Again, I’ve lost all respect for VP Pence.

    1. I did too lose respect for VP Pence. I thought he was a good guy but I think now he is as bad as the democrats!

  21. truth be known it was BLM and antifa that caused the trouble at the capital building set up by those against president Trump. Now our government is back to the corrupt democrats with more power now. To everyone that voted for the corruption will be the first ones to cry about having to learn Chinese and when our constitution is gone. Watch the writing is on the wall now that soft Joe is in office China will be taking over our country. The only thing I can say is that people should be getting ready for god’s return and those that have evilness things will be held accountable by god. God protect us that didn’t take you out of our country.

  22. I’m putting my Faith and Trust in my God in Heaven. Destruction shall come to those who commit inequity against the righteous. In God will I trust. Vengance shall be his.

  23. Seriously people wake up Republicans you bunch of pussies stand up and fight for us the people, you work for The people that elected YOU , It was the left promoting violence with the so-called media a bunch of liers and fabricators of the truth, Schumer, Pelosi, AOC, Waters and the far left are the cause where were the condemnations when the Anarchists ( Antifa) (Black Lives Matter) were killing people , destroying people’s lives and burning down cities. THE CAUSE IS THE LEFT AND DEMOCRATSZ < THIS WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED IF YOU DID NOT STEAL THE ELECTION FROM US. WE THE PEOPlE This is WAR far from over. God Bless America and God Bless Trump.

  24. What’s done is done! We must go on from here. In the Democratic Party they eat their own. AOC now wants to take Schumer’s seat in the Senate at the next election. There is no honor among thieves! Obviously their plan is for C. Harris to take the Presidency from Biden. Biden can be blackmailed by China. When it gets bad enough, and even the Democrats complain, perhaps something can be done. Remember the Top Dogs are hypocrites. They will tell you to sacrifice and ride your bike, while they are flying around in their jets to have their meetings in Hawaii or elsewhere exotic. You don’t see them sacrificing. It has always been “Do as I say not do as I do.” Some day even the Democrats are going to see this after taxes go up and there are not enough jobs to grow around because of the open borders. It is going to get worse before it can get better. Just prepare for it.

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