Law professor says Biden’s DOJ-led lawsuit against Georgia could backfire

President Joe Biden and members of his administration have spent months spreading falsehoods — seemingly unchecked by a bulk of the media — about an election reform law passed earlier this year in Georgia.

In recent days, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that Biden’s DOJ will file suit against Georgia in a challenge to the law. But according to Fox News, George Washington University Law Professor and Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley believes that challenging Georgia’s voter integrity law could result in a humiliating backfire for the Biden administration. 

Turley explained that while Biden and his media mouthpieces have repeatedly — and falsely — slammed the new Georgia law of being “Jim Crow-like” in nature, the state’s new laws are shockingly similar to established voting laws in other states, such as Biden’s home of Delaware.

“I’m highly skeptical and I think they may ultimately regret this move. It could indeed clarify this issue in a way the Biden administration does not want,” Turley said, adding that “the Georgia law has great overlap with other states like Delaware.”

In other words, the widely repeated and mostly false narrative pushed by Democrats concerning the new Georgia voting laws could be exposed on a national stage.

Turley also dialed in on specific sections of Georgia’s election reform laws that, according to the polls, are more popular with the American people than Democrats and many in the mainstream media would like one to believe, such as voter ID requirements.

“Voter identification as an example is extremely popular with voters And you now see a lot of democratic members beginning to say really, ‘we are not questioning that anymore,'” Turley said.

On the other hand, the lawsuit might not ever see the light of day — at least not to the extent presumably desired by Biden’s DOJ — as Georgia state Attorney General Chris Carr called the lawsuit a “political campaign flier” for the Biden administration, adding that the suit won’t hold up in a court of law.

Perhaps Biden’s DOJ should attempt to challenge Georgia in court, as at the end of the day, it will likely be proven once and for all that Biden and his Democratic lackeys have been lying about the law all along.