Laura Ingraham makes career decision – she’s staying at Fox

Fox News has had a rough go of it lately, but one bright spot has been the primetime triad of Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, and Sean Hannity.

Fans of Ingraham will be happy to know that she just signed a massive multi-year deal to continue her show “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox. It’s a guarantee that at least one Fox show will continue to be worth watching.

Fox reports:

Ingraham, who joined Fox News as a host in 2017, finished 2020 as the most-watched female host in cable news after beating MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow among viewership. “The Ingraham Angle” was the fourth most-watched program in all of cable news, finishing behind only “Hannity,” Tucker Carlson Tonight” and “The Five.”

Ingraham initially joined Fox News Channel as a contributor in 2007, providing political analysis and commentary. The success of Ingraham’s 10 p.m. ET program has made her the most-watched female host in cable history.

Ingraham herself said:

“With so many challenges facing Americans, I am more determined than ever to deliver the incisive, pull-no-punches analysis and commentary that our viewers expect and enjoy,” Ingraham said. “It is a great privilege to host an hour each weeknight on FOX News to address the most important, most timely, and sometimes, the most hilarious moments of the day. Our team takes great pride in the work we do — and has fun doing it!”

Ingraham is a former Supreme Court clerk for Justice Clarence Thomas and has landed exclusive interviews with President Trump and key members of his administration. Her early support for Trump in his first presidential campaign was well in advance of other conservative figures.