Latest Hunter Biden video indicts not just him, but Joe as well

The recent emergence of yet another sordid video of first son Hunter Biden in which he recounts to a prostitute his fears that a stolen laptop could ultimately lead to the blackmail of his family amounts to an indictment not only of President Joe Biden, but also the nation’s intelligence community, according to Margot Cleveland of the Federalist.

Last week, the Daily Mail went public with footage from 2019 reportedly recorded by Hunter Biden himself in which he engaged in hotel room pillow talk with a woman suspected to be a prostitute. During the discussion, the president’s son described a harrowing episode in Las Vegas in which he believes Russian drug dealers stole a laptop computer of his that was filled with unsavory images.

Biden explained to his female companion – who appeared to be doing drugs off of a bedside table – that the computer in question was loaded with videos of him “doing like f***ing crazy [bleep] sex [bleep],” and he acknowledged that the material could be used to blackmail him or his family “because [inaudible] running for president,” in an apparent reference to his father.

Though the video of Hunter Biden on yet another debauched bender is certainly an embarrassment, according to Cleveland, what it really does is expose the extent of the corruption that plagues the mainstream media in this country, the incompetent nature of the U.S. intelligence community, and the degree to which President Biden is likely compromised in relation to foreign actors.

Despite the best efforts by the media and Big Tech to suppress information last fall about yet another of Hunter Biden’s lost laptops, namely the one abandoned at a Delaware repair shop, most Americans have a pretty firm grasp of the depraved lifestyle led by the president’s son for many years.

As Cleveland points out, the power players in Biden’s corner in October of 2020 did all they could to bury the story of the massively incriminating information on that computer, including text message and emails that appeared to implicate then-candidate Joe Biden in his son’s questionable foreign dealings, despite his assurances to the contrary, and they did so in complete disregard of the potential national security dangers the situation could pose.

Even the prostitute to whom Biden unburdened himself about the second lost computer quickly assessed the situation as a risky one, asking pointedly whether her bed partner was worried that blackmail was a distinct possibility, but that was something to which the intrepid journalists of the mainstream media were more than willing to turn a blind eye.

At least as alarming to Cleveland, however, is the fact that members of the American intelligence community – represented by some 50 former senior officials including former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper – signed a letter claiming that the release of emails supposedly taken from the abandoned computer “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation,” an assertion she says they either knew – or should have known – was untrue.

Unsurprisingly, there has been a glaring lack of curiosity on the part of mainstream reporters about the news that yet another cache of Biden family secrets may have fallen into the hands of foreign adversaries, which proves, according to Cleveland, that “they have even lower standards than Hunter’s prostitute.”