Largest US oil pipeline shut down after criminal gang launches cyberattack

All eyes will be on the crude oil industry this week after news broke of a massive cyberattack against one of the largest oil pipelines in the United States.

According to Fox News, the Colonial Pipeline system, owned by Georgia-based Colonial Pipeline Co., fell victim to a cyberattack over the weekend which forced the company to completely shut down the 5,500 mile-long pipeline system that transports fuel from various Gulf Coast refineries up the eastern seaboard to the New York area. 

As of this writing, experts are hopeful that the pipeline system will be operational within a few days, which would translate into minimum disruptions for the industry and America overall.

However, should the problem be of the magnitude that keeps the pipeline system down for any length of time, oil markets and supporting markets could see similar effects to the industry shakeup that happened as a result of Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

For a general gauge of the effects that a prolonged shutdown could have on the country, the pipeline transports nearly 100 million gallons of various types of fuel per day and accounts for roughly 45% of the fuel consumed on the East Coast.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation announced on Monday morning via Twitter that they were actively working with Colonial Pipeline Co. to investigate the issue.

As far as who is responsible for the attack, Fox Business reported Monday that a person with knowledge of the ongoing investigation reported that a group called DarkSide, described as a criminal gang with a Robin Hood-like ethos of stealing from the rich and helping the poor, is responsible for the cyberattack.

It was also reported that the type of attack launched against the company is one known as a “ransomware” attack, which typically involve some type of ransom or demand by the attackers.

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  4. Now can we update OUR Infrastructure?
    apply to all pipelines, utiliites nationwide.
    Or risk more cyber attacks & or TX Feb freeze event

  5. its simple the gas company need to take the lost ..not us …some gas companys are 2 times cheaper then other can that be..its all greed …

  6. Tim You are correct this is a scheme by the Demolocraps to get the people away from all the other ignorant things that BO BO Biden does on a daily basis. The so called President is disgrace to the United States and a prime example of the intelligence of the Demolocrap Party. We are DOOMED as sure as the sun is in the sky. GOD is our only chance please pray for the United States AMEN.!!!!!!!!

  7. Trump had an EO to protect US business from hacking by China & other foreign interests which Biden vacated in his first week. All the people who voted for Biden are responsible in part for this fiasco. Everyone suffers from this regardless of race or income.

  8. This is an inside terrorist crisis created by the Democrats.
    This fits the narrative of exploiting the green new deal and shutting down the keystone pipeline.
    THIS was caused by leftist terrorists!!!!!
    DUMBOCRATS are cheaters(2020 election), idiots and LIARS!!!!!!

  9. My question is…….. if this pipeline supplies gasoline for the EAST COAST, new York area and others up there, what is the problem for us.
    The rest of the country is not effected then, Why should these gas prices go up to the rest of the country? They are still able to ship everywhere else. That means the rest of the country should not be affected. Actually gas prices have no reason to be increased to the rest of the country and there must be a tremendous glut amount of gas on hand if they cannot ship only to the east coast, It cut the demand for the east coast only! except as an occasion for these ultra rich goons to make more money.
    The rich and greedy rides again!!!
    A Child of Uncle Sam

  10. Most of those in Congress are Greedy Seat Warmers and want to keep all the Tax money that is sent in. If we stop paying income tax, then Congress has no money with which to send to other Countries and there by Biden can’t keep paying out instead of cashing in?

    1. I can’t stop 6either. Anyone3that would believe the FBI is working to solve this problem has had their head in the sand too long. My opinion is the FBI 3the Biden administr is behind the whole thing. God I pray that I’m wrong, but with the way everything else is going, I’m afraid my gut feeling is right on the money.

    2. That is not a criminal gang, it is a terrorist entity that is attacking the U.S. And what is the government doing??

  11. My understanding was that Robin Hood and his band of men recovered money stolen by the Sheriff of Nottingham and returned it to the producers. Many politicians claiming to help the poor have primarily helped themselves instead.

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