Lara Trump delivers verdict on Kamala Harris – she’ll never outlive this

Kamala Harris has seen a precipitous decline approval in recent months due in part to perceptions that she is simply not up to the job in which she finds herself, and this week, Lara Trump took to the Fox News airwaves to blast President Joe Biden’s second in command and suggest that when it comes to the collapse in Afghanistan, the vice president expects that “we’ll all forget about it.”

Daughter-in-law of former President Donald Trump, Lara Trump did not hold back when discussing the vice president’s veritable disappearing act in the midst of what many view as a national humiliation of historic proportions, doing her best to devote her time to just about anything else.

“She wants nothing to do with this situation because she knows as we all do this is a stain on America, it will stay forever and I guess she’s just trying to run out the clock on this thing, and think we’ll all forget about it,” Trump declared.

Emphasizing that Harris’ strategy is doomed to fail, however, Trump insisted, “We will not forget about it, Kamala Harris. We have seen what you have done in this situation and it’s absolutely nothing,” arguing that the debacle will prove to be a significant obstacle to what she believes are the vice president’s future political aspirations.

Trump is not the only prominent commentator to slam Harris’ inaction not just on Afghanistan, but on a number of other policy areas she has been assigned to tackle, as Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce also took her to task publicly last week.

Taking particular issue, though, with Harris’ decision to proceed with a trip to Singapore and Vietnam as the situation in Afghanistan deteriorated, Bruce said that the vice president “couldn’t wait to get out of the country,” in order to distance herself from the catastrophe, preserve her own political prospects, and do “everything she can not to do her job.”

Remarking on Harris’ (ultimately scuttled) plans to hit the campaign trail for embattled California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Bruce said that amid the scenes of death and devastation in Kabul, such an appearance would amount to “an obscene display of politicking…the most obscene we’ve seen in a very long time.”

Joining the chorus of those who believe the vice president’s worth ethic to be sorely lacking, Tiana Lowe of the Washington Examiner recently wrote that Harris in in fact, the “most useless” occupant of the role in a century, pointing to her disinterest in addressing the migrant crisis at the southern border and her radio silence amid the height of the turmoil in Afghanistan as evidence.

Given that a recent Rasumussen Reports survey revealed that no less than 55% of American voters believe Harris is either “not qualified” or “not at all qualified” to be president, it may well be that her only hope of fulfilling her own Oval Office ambitions is for the entire nation to develop a lingering case of amnesia.