Lapdog media fawns as Harris border efforts collapse

The first 100 days of the Biden administration are now in the rear view mirror, and the astounding depths of sycophancy plumbed by the mainstream media in carefully sidestepping the notable failures of Vice President Kamala Harris have emerged as among the most infuriating features of the past few months, as Fox News reports.

Despite Harris having been tapped to a series of high-profile roles within the administration – including serving as the point person for addressing the migrant surge at the southern border and chairing the Cabinet-level National Space Council, media outlets seem to have taken much greater interest in the vice president’s fashion choices and other inanities than in what many critics on the right believe is her gross neglect of key responsibilities.

Fox News pointed to a feature story in the Washington Post last month in which journalist Jura Koncius joined along as Harris visited an Alexandria, VA crochet shop. Koncius gushed that the vice president’s personal interest in the handicraft has boosted its “cool factor” but providing all-new “street cred” to the pastime.

The New York Times took its own crack at hard-hitting coverage of the vice president with its “100 Days of Vice-Presidential Style” report in which Harris’ sartorial selections from the inauguration onward were subjected to intense analysis. Those responsible for the piece deemed her ascension to the White House as a “new dawn for the American fashion industry,” as Fox News further noted.

Harris’ appearance on the February, 2021 cover of Vogue magazine was indicative of a certain type of politically-motivated hypocrisy, according to Joe Concha of The Hill, who stated, “We’ve gone from invisible as it pertained to Melania Trump to inescapable with Kamala Harris.”

Though friendly coverage of Democrat politicians is certainly par for the course these days, Concha expressed particular frustration with the fact that the treatment of Harris has allowed her to go largely unchallenged in mainstream circles on her lack of action on the unfolding disaster at the southern border.

As Concha put it, “Given the crisis that is now a catastrophe at the border, one would think coverage of the Vice President – who was put in charge of it and has failed craptastically thus far by avoiding the most basic of steps by actually not seeing it firsthand or talking to officials on the ground – wouldn’t be so glowing.”

Harris is not the only member of the administration to receive such effusive admiration from the Fourth Estate, as the commander in chief has also been lavished with tributes the likes of which his predecessor in office could only dream. Following his address to a joint session of Congress, Biden was praised by commentators on MSNBC for his “grandfatherly voice” which, rather than the faint croakings of an old man in the grips of dementia, was actually an “extraordinary” example of “voice modulation.”

As Concha aptly stated, the “PR and activist role much of our media has embraced in broad daylight” is shameful indeed, but is particularly egregious in light of the incessant and highly personal attacks those same outlets hurled at former President Donald Trump, his family, and anyone who dared support his administration over the preceding four years.