Kevin McCarthy is ending Pelosi’s reign of terror

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy plans to force a vote on ending the House’s mask mandate after several party members were fined for not wearing them, according to The Washington Examiner.

McCarthy will be bringing a measure that requests the Capitol’s attending physician, Dr. Brian Monahan to reassess the safety of going maskless in light of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s newly released guidelines.

The CDC’s new recommendation states that those who have been fully vaccinated are safe to go without masks while inside, something that hasn’t changed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s policy for the lower house of Congress.

According to the Examiner, fewer than 25 percent of lawmakers have yet to receive the recently available shots, however, Pelosi has stated that the mandate will remain until every lawmaker and staffer have received the shots.

McCarthy will attempt to force the vote on Wednesday afternoon, according to the report, which will likely prompt Democrats to try to table the measure.

The House minority leader’s action comes on the heels of some 30 Republicans who called on Pelosi to do away with the rule in a letter sent to her office.

Republican Reps. Virginia Foxx of North Carolina and Brian Mast of Florida were each fined $500 Tuesday for violating the mask rule, according to the Examiner, and could be fined as much as $2,500 for a second violation.

“The truth is, from this moment on, Americans must ignore lies and start to listen to scientists,” Mast said in a statement. “The scientists at the CDC are telling us if you are fully vaccinated, you can go about your life without wearing a mask or physically distancing. So, that’s what I’m doing. The question people should be asking is why is Speaker Pelosi not? For her, this has never been about science. It’s always been about power and control over the American people.”

Republicans went so far as to make a show of ripping masks off following the change in recommendations from the CDC in a pointed act of defiance to the Democratic House leader.