Kenosha County flips Republican with painful memories of 2020 riots driving political change

In a stunning turn of events, Kenosha County, Wisconsin, which was the site of devastating BLM riots in 2020, has turned Republican and could be a precursor to the rest of the 2022 midterm elections. 

Samantha Kerkman defeated Rebecca Matoska-Mentink to become the first Republican ever to serve as Kenosha County’s executive.

Kerkman’s victory was seen by many as a preview of what is coming for Democrats in the midterm elections. The riots that nearly burned down the entire county in 2020 have clearly left an impact on the people, which is now being seen at the polls.

Democrats actively encouraged the riots that caused millions of dollars in damages and destroyed dozens of small businesses in the county.

No amount of media spin from organizations like CNN and MSNBC has been able to erase the role that Democrats played in the “mostly peaceful protests” before the 2020 presidential election.

Normal Americans were furious with how Democrats encouraged and justified the riots. Now with deteriorating economic conditions thanks to President Biden, Americans are even less inclined to support the Democrat Party.

Kenosha County is just the tip of the iceberg for Democrats, who could completely lose power after the midterm election.

Democrats already have a weak grip on power in the House of Representatives, and the Senate is divided 50-50.

Traditionally Democrat areas are flipping political allegiances, and that means one thing. Democrats will not be making any gains in these upcoming elections and it will take a miracle to hold onto what they have right now. When all is said and done, Republicans could dominate both the legislative branch as well as state governments around the nation.