Kellyanne Conway says Kamala Harris has united the country against White House

Vice President Kamala Harris has had an incredibly rocky first year in office, but now, according to former Trump administration adviser Kellyanne Conway, she has pulled off an especially stunning feat by unifying the nation – against the White House in which she serves, as Fox News reports.

During an appearance on the network’s Watters’ World, Conway noted that there is a key takeaway from Harris’ plummeting approval rating, and that is that the vice president has indeed brought the country together, just not in the way she likely planned.

“If you look at her poll numbers, she has unified America. They promised unity in America, and indeed they’ve unified America against both Biden but especially Harris,” Conway opined.

Pointing to an especially egregious episode in which Harris surely damaged her credibility with the American people even further, Conway mentioned the vice president’s recent comparison of the Jan. 6 Capitol unrest to the attack on Pearl Harbor.

“I was at Pearl Harbor just last week with … three of my children. And anybody who’s been there [knows] it is a disgrace to our military, to our veterans, to our country, to our democracy to ever equate the deaths of thousands of innocent Americans…in Pearl Harbor.”

Underscoring that fact that Harris would have presumably reviewed her Jan. 6 commemoration speech in advance and that she – or someone in her inner circle – should have thought twice about making such an incendiary remark, Conway made an interesting comparison of her own.

“[Kamala] reminds me of Hillary [Clinton] in this way: She doesn’t have enough people around her who she trusts to tell her, ‘That’s not a good idea. Don’t do that. Walk that back. Correct it. Be prepared,” the former Trump confidante declared.

Amid rampant reports of discontentment and dysfunction among Harris staffers, reports have emerged of the vice president as someone who dishes out “soul-destroying criticism” and is a “bully” who has little interest in delving into the real work that her role requires.

As a result, not only has Harris suffered disastrous declines in voter approval, she has likely helped cripple the electoral fortunes of her party for the November midterms and beyond, inadvertently building consensus that the Democrats – writ large – need to go.