Kamala’s border: Group of young migrant girls found abandoned without food or water on rancher’s farm

Many in the mainstream media are working overtime to downplay the evolving immigration crisis at the southern U.S. border and Vice President Kamala Harris, who is supposed to be in charge of the crisis, is nowhere to be found. However, many of the tragic incidents happening at the border are being filmed by everyday citizens and thanks to the power of social media, word is getting out.

According to Breitbart, that was evidenced in a recent viral video from a rancher who took video footage of five little girls — all unaccompanied migrants between the ages of one and six — who were dropped off and totally abandoned by smugglers on their ranch with no parents, supplies, or any idea of what to do next. 

On Mother’s Day, an American rancher discovered that the group of little were abandoned on their farm without even the most necessary supplies, such as water and food, with temperatures soaring above 100 degrees. As a fair warning, the video footage below is nothing less than absolutely heartwrenching.

“Five little girls were crossed yesterday afternoon and were dumped with no food, water, nothing,” Kate Coleman Hobbs, the rancher’s wife wrote. “My husband found them this morning while on rounds. The adults in the video are our farm manager and his wife who brought much-needed water and food.”

The girls were reportedly extremely dehydrated and exhausted not only from the stress of the trip, but from the brutally hot temperatures during the day. Hobbs wrote in another post that one of the little girls appeared to be lifeless, but luckily they were able to revive her by giving her water and food.

Reportedly, one the reasons why so many little children are being dumped onto United States ground without parents is because there’s a loophole that beats the automatic expulsion rules that apply when family’s cross as a “family unit.”

President Joe Biden, his administration, and Harris, who was supposed to play a role in tackling the overall issue, have yet to make any meaningful impact on the escalating crisis. As a matter of fact, they still seemingly can’t carve out a few hours of their busy schedules for a visit to the southern border and show even a modicum of leadership.

Perhaps the scariest part is the likelihood that there are an untold number of little children being abandoned in dangerous conditions who won’t have the luck of being discovered by thoughtful, caring Americans.