Kamala’s bail fund just released a charged murderer

Kamala Harris is already unpopular, unlikeable, and seemingly an incompetent vice president, given the fact that she hasn’t really done anything in the past eight months other than lay low and hide from the press.

But a shocking new development might just be enough to compel her to make an appearance. According to the New York Post, it was revealed that a man freed by a bail fund Harris promoted last year amid a summer of social justice protests has now been charged with murder in a horrific road-rage incident. 

It was at the beginning of June in 2020 that Harris, who was clearly attempting to score as many political points with the “woke” left as possible, posted a link to the Minnesota Bail Fund — an outfit that was raking in huge donations that were used to free Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters during a summer filled with riots.

Harris has taken heat in the past for promoting the outfit, but given that the bail fund just freed George Howard, a 47-year-old domestic abuser who was charge last week with two counts of second-degree murder, it would behoove Harris to prepare for the onslaught of questions that she’ll undoubtedly receive from the press.

Unsurprisingly, Harris was hammered on social media after news broke of Howard’s arrest, especially given the gravity of the crimes with which he’s been charged.

The Post noted that Fox News attempted to reach Harris’ office for comment on the matter and reached out to the White House as well. The messages, not surprisingly, were not returned.

Only time will tell if Harris ever admits that she made a mistake in promoting such a ridiculous organization in the first place, but one would not be advised to hold one’s breath in anticipation of that happening.