Kamala: White House will force “election reform” on America by executive orders after bill fails in the Senate

Vice President Kamala Harris said on Thursday that previous voting law executive orders will be used as a guide by the White House following Democrats’ failure to pass election overhaul bills in the Senate. 

According to Fox News, the vice president believes the administration isn’t “giving up” on passing the electoral law agenda, but they clearly have some adjustments to make. 

The two Senate bills failed on Wednesday evening following a hotly contested run in the Senate where the two massive pieces of legislation died without the support to advance. 

“What we will do is keep fighting to get the legislation passed because that is critical,” Harris said during an interview with CBS Mornings on Thursday. “So we are not giving up on that.”

News about the failed bills comes as Senate Democrats are fighting hard to make for an easier threshold for their legislation to move through the Senate by removing the filibuster option. 

“And then it is a matter of continuing to do the work of executive orders, doing the work through the Department of Justice which has been litigating these cases in the various states, because we believe they are a violation of the spirit of the Constitution of the United States,” Harris said, going on to say they are planning to elevate the conversation on the issue.

Questions about Harris’ statements caused a White House official to tell Fox News Digital that the VP’s comments about executive orders refer to continuing their March 2021 order and not new action. 

The executive order from March that the representative referenced was updated Vote.gov and instructed federal agencies to expand access to voter registration as well as provide voting access and education to prisoners while in federal custody. 

The order also reportedly “examined barriers to citizens with disabilities voting and improved ballot tracking for overseas voters, including active-duty military,” according to Fox News.