Kamala is out of contention for 2024 – Democratic strategists meet to figure out what to do about it

Vice President Kamala Harris is leaning on the support of Democratic strategists as her public opinion numbers take a dive and possibly damage the party’s chances in 2022. 

According to a report in The Daily Caller, eight high profile female strategists met for dinner last month trying to plan how they could support Harris. 

Axios reported Thursday that the dinner was hosted by none other than Clinton adviser Kiki McLean and was attended by former Obama White House communications director Jennifer Palmieri, former DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile and Obama campaign alum Stephanie Cutter. 

The women were concerned primarily with Harris’ underwater polling numbers after a series of problematic public appearances and former aides who have outed her as propitiating a toxic work environment. 

A source cited by Axios told the publication that they wanted the public to know they think Harris is being treated unfairly, due to race and gender: 

“Many of us lived through the Clinton campaign, and want to help curb some of the gendered dynamics in press coverage that impacted HRC,” the source said.

“It was like, ‘we’ve seen this before.’ It’s subtle. But when things aren’t going well for a male politician, we ask very different questions, and they’re not held to account the way a woman leader is.”

While Biden has given Harris a high status in his administration, even calling it the “Biden-Harris” administration, aides are reportedly ” perplexed” by her foreign policy trip and choices, such as handing out Cookes with her likeness. 

However, far and away the most damaging issue to the VP personally is the alleged office mismanagement, with some of her staffers claiming that senior aides are abusive, something that Republicans didn’t find surprising and Democrats found to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.