Kamala Harris’s reckless fearmongering over the vaccine EXPOSED

The Democrat party claims to be the party of science and data, but when the chips are down, they’ve proved to be one of the most reckless and anti-scientific forces in modern America. It’s truly shameful what they’ll do to win elections, and no one has more shamefully exploited and abused science that vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

The Washington Examiner editorial board writes:

In a September interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, Harris was asked whether she would trust a vaccine released before the end of the year and responded, “I think that we have learned since this pandemic started, but really before that, that there’s very little that we can trust that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth.”

She went on to question whether health experts would get the final say on the safety of the vaccine.

We all know that Democrats are ready to make the vaccine mandatory, so why the reluctance? Did it have something to do with the fact that President Donald Trump helped accelerate the development of the vaccine? Of course it did:

[Harris] also raised doubts about whether she herself would take a vaccine. “I will say that I would not trust Donald Trump. And it would have to be a credible source of information that talks about the efficacy and the reliability of whatever he’s talking about. I will not take his word for it,” Harris said.

Harris went on to deliver a similar line at the vice presidential debate the following month.

As we noted at the time and repeatedly, the warnings about the release of some sort of “Trump vaccine” were just fearmongering meant to scare up votes and downplay legitimate progress on the vaccine front.

We need to remember this episode when the media inevitably starts beating the drum to force a mandatory vaccine.

Read the full piece here.

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  3. Trump haters will destroy anything good if Donald Trump has anything to do with it. Kamala is a prime example. God help our country if they rule the next four years.

  4. Another great move by the erstwhile VicePresident-Elect, “Miss Kammie”. I hope like hell that TRUMP can somehow convince The Supreme Court that this whole process has ben RIGGED from day one. Like him or not, THE PRESIDENT has delivered on nearly ALL his promises, issued in his campaign from 2016. He is a tireless worker, an American Patriot, and the man loves the USA.

    I hope “Kammie” also known as “Headboard Harris” never gets to “serve” a single day.

  5. Hello; I have found a true article, wow I am amazed. Someone tells the truth. How do I subscribe to this?
    Finally, truth.

  6. Amen to all above posts! Anything said by a demonrat should be discounted out of hand as a false statement! They all lie like cheap rugs! Time to flush the swamp! As far as a vaccine mandate if joebama steals this election, they can stuff their mandate!

  7. Kamala Harris is hardly the gold standard for ethical conduct, honesty or principled decision making. She must think that we are all lacking in morality and integrity to the same degree as herself – we are unequivocally NOT! This is a ‘lady’ who advanced her political career – ahem – in the bedroom of a wealthy man, married, and much older than she. Disregarding her “attack Democrat Party mantra” (all that is Trump is rotten, foul, etc) she, of the party of the angels and the sinless, has nothing of worth – or note – to say.

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