Kamala Harris’s father may not attend the inauguration, despite living nearby

It appears that Kamala Harris’s troubled relationship with family may extend to inauguration day.

The Washington Examiner reports:

When Kamala Harris is sworn in as the first female and first black vice president of the United States next week, her Washington, D.C.-based father may not be in attendance.

Harris’s father lives barely a mile from the White House, two miles from One Observatory Circle, and under three miles from the U.S. Capitol, where the future vice president will be sworn in.

Harris said last year that she would be “thinking about” her mother on Inauguration Day, but according to the Washington Post, her transition team does not know if her father will be joining in the celebrations.

Donald Harris is an economics professor, formerly from Stanford University.

He may be on the outs with Harris due to an op-ed he wrote during Harris’s divisive primary campaign.

In one of her many flubs during that campaign, Harris joked about using marijuiana on a radio show, invoking an ugly old stereotype by saying “half my family is from Jamaica. Are you kidding me?”

Writing in Jamaica Global Online, Harris’s father denounced her remarks as a “travesty.”

“My dear departed grandmothers (whose extraordinary legacy I described in a recent essay on this website), as well as my deceased parents, must be turning in their grave right now to see their family’s name, reputation, and proud Jamaican identity being connected, in any way, jokingly or not with the fraudulent stereotype of a pot-smoking joy seeker and in the pursuit of identity politics,” he wrote.

“Speaking for myself and my immediate Jamaican family, we wish to categorically dissociate ourselves from this travesty.”

It’s not hard to imagine that didn’t go over well in the Harris campaign. Regardless of the reason, Harris and her father don’t appear to be on good terms, which is a sad and strange state of affairs for anyone, much less a sitting vice-president.

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      1. The official title about the stolen election will be known as: The Democratic Non/President and the non/ VICE President will be known as China Joe and Laughing Kamala. Both Deep States corrupt creeps that the Democrats can keep. The Country will now pay the price for the stolen election.

        1. That’s president communist traitor and president giggles.add grossy pelosi and chuck the schmuck and you don’t even get half of President Trump. They represent the United States of china

    1. Who would know a person better than the Father or Mother. From what Kamala has shown just how unethical and dishonest she is more than once and was still able to help steal an election. Time will show just how much a low life she really is.

    2. This is a person who we can call a S*** because she slept with evey man that she thought could advance her career. I don’t know how her now called husband could even thing about living with a woman like her. Unless all he does is sleep around also. I now wonder exactly who is the father of her children.

    3. Harris isn’t even constitutionally eligible to be vice president or president if Biden is unable to fulfill his duties and has to resign. The Constitution requires the president to be a “natural born citizen” and the 12th Amendment makes that a requirement of the vice president, too. A “natural born citizen” is one born on U.S. soil AND to parents who are themselves, citizens. She was born in Oakland, CA, but both of her parents were foreign nationals, when Kamala was born. Birth on U.S. soil, by itself, does NOT make someone a natural born citizen! She is a fraud, like Obama was, because his father was not a U.S. citizen. Citizen at birth is NOT the same thing as “natural born citizen”.

  1. With all of her lies about the family and FWEEDOM…Her Dad probably can’t stand Biden and is disappointed at her for who she really is…

  2. For one, harris isn’t black, and she has dishonored herself and her family all in pursuit of power, what a sad, despicable person she is.

  3. Wow! Even Kamels father is disgusted with her. That should tell her supporters about their beloved vp elect. She is a liar and retrobat. She is a pervert just like sleazy joe. We will never know what her mother thought about her. We can’t believe anything kamel says about it. And daddy won’t even go to her inauguration. What a bummer.

  4. It’s not surprising her father is discussed with her, she is a very discussing person and a poor excuse for a politician.

  5. She and Biden are not deserving of these positions. They both are ruthless liars and counterfeits for whatever they’re standing for.

  6. Even “Kooky Slut” Kamala”s father knows what a slimy pitiful sh*t she is. She got to where she is either on her knees or on her back with her legs spread.

  7. You know they won by fraud.
    When she was a candidate for President the people spoke and she soon dropped out.
    Nancy Pelosi, as you know, doesn’t listen to the People.
    So she pushed her and Biden onto the People.

    So along with the far left media robbed the Presidency from the best American President ever people who are CORRUPT to the core and dishonest to the bone.
    And are now silencing the republicans and with control of both house will change America to a financially broke Country like Valenzuela.
    They don’t worry about ever losing an election because they all will be fraud infested.
    They will oust the republicans and we will be a one all democrat Country.
    Remember Pelosi characterized Trump as Hitler.
    Look at what she has done so far in a couple of weeks installing Hitler’s ways.
    Seems our DOJ is afraid of her because she seems to be above the law

  8. I am not sorry for her. She is disappointed her dad situation. She is not my First Lady and Biden is not my president. They are disqualified.

  9. That her father will not attend her “inauguration” is NOT a tragedy! I can perfectly understand his decision! He is a true American, while she is NOT! He is a patriot but she is a communist traitor! Perhaps he will even disown her! It would serve that witch right!

  10. Kamala’s Dad is probably hurt very much that his daughter was a prostitute most of her life to get where she is. A Father would be of his daughter! She is not a black woman as her mother was from India and her Dad from Jamaica. I think she has lied about her whole existence. She is California’s “anchor baby “ as neither parent was or ever has been a US citizen! Sad, that a woman of that caliber is VP of a great nation.

    1. Dont for get the big lie she told about MLK that was a big lie that caused MLK Niece to come out and call her on taking comments that MLK said and she repeated it as her own words .she is drama ,liar she will never be vice to me or anything else

    2. Aside from the BRAZEN voter and election fraud the conniving Demmunists used to STEAL the 2020 election, she’s ALSO not a LEGAL VP, because being an ANCHOR BABY of two non-citizen (at the time of her birth) parents, she is INELIGIBLE according to the Constitution that requires a “NATURAL-BORN” citizen of TWO CITIZEN parents. But the Demmumists never let a little thing like the American Constitution get in the way of their lust for total power and control over the rest of us so they can do exactly what they are doing, which is maneuvering to OSTRACIZE, MARGINALIZE and PERSECUTE anybody who does not buy into their TOXIC UNAMERICAN COMMUNIST IDEOLOGY.

  11. Harris doesn’t need to be vice, and race doesn’t have anything to do with it, she’s just not fit for the job, donald Trump is a very good president and Pense is a good vice president.

  12. Her father certainly has better sense than the deluded Demmunists who embraced this conscience-free SKANK as our “Vice President” after they literally committed a coup-by-ballot-box to STEAL the Presidential election! And she’s NOT our “first black Vice President.” She is NOT “black.” She is half-Jamaican from a family that owned MANY SLAVES, and half Indian (as in from India.) She “identified” as “black” because she thought that bit of identity politics skullduggery would get her the all-important “black vote.” She is no more “black” than she is a LEGITIMATE Vice President who will soon shove SENILE JOE aside and take his place, as he was only the MULE the Demmunists used to carry this amoral Communist SKANK into the White House.

  13. For sure, Kamala will be the most corrupt, unliked person ever to hold the office of Vice President of the United States. I venture to say the same applies to her being elected to the office of Senator. She’s dishonest, racist and vengeful. God forbid she’s elevated to President. It’s already starting to feel like the ‘End of Days’ with the corrupt, demented, pedophile and illegitimate president elect Biden taking office. The guy couldn’t fill a VW wagon at any rally that he planned.

  14. Harris slept her way up, as she laid on her back. All she knows how to do is giggle and dance her way to her pimps! And the news pimps all are in on her as well. MSDNC, and all the other left wing anti-American unworthy so called news.

  15. God has a plan….I don’t know what it is…but he knows what he is doing….I know in my Soul and heart that he chose Pres Trump for a reason….The Pres has more Guts in his little finger than Pervert Joe and the Hoe….What do you think other countries think of us…? I dread to see what will happened to our Country…That was all a set-up at the Capital…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Time to stop talking and do something
    What is happening to America now, if we don’t
    stand up and do something
    America will be Lost FOREVER!


  18. She is one of the most disgusting people to be vice president of our great country that I have seen so far and her actions as well as her lying mouth shows she’s far from vice president material!

  19. Joe, Kamala and every DEMORAT blame all the unrest in this country on Trump supporters.
    I do not!
    I blame the Supreme court justices for all the unrest.
    They could have stopped this by listening to all the evidence that the public said was there.
    But no! Justice is BLIND as a bat!
    Maybe the DEMORATS have dirt on all of them.

  20. JUST AS OBAMA was disqualified from being President so is this other half breed Jamacian/Indian who both of her parents were not born here in the states! SOMEONE refuses to take what was set in stone and TRUTH! I say this as well, According to Exodus 18:20-21 this Constitution of this nation was SET UP just as the nation of Israels was initially set up! SEE the verse! The “fifties and tens and hundreds and thousands etc were all Legislators and senators nd congress etc and also too the Courts and the S.Court! The 4/FOUR “REQUIRMENTS for all of these offices, and IT says ALL, was that they be “ABLE MEN” MEN who HATE Coveteousness, MEN who fear GOD, and MEN of TRUTH! NOT ONE OF these requirements are for a women! These are NOT my opinion nor are they my thoughts as written! THESE are GOD’s HOLY words! I back these words above w/other words of GOD, as in Proverbs 31:2-3/1 Tim 2:12 as well as Titus 2:5 KJV DON’T BLAME ME< or get mad at me, for what was said, THESE are GOD's words, GET MAD at HIM, Take it to HIM! HE is well able to defend what HE said!! OH, and P.S. the context of what was said, was NOT the woman, BUT was what GOD Almighty "SAID, and HE said, what I printed above!

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