Kamala Harris won’t visit border because ‘it would go against her base’

Since being tapped by President Joe Biden in March to lead the administration’s response to the migrant surge overwhelming the southern border, the vice president has taken considerable heat for failing to make a personal visit to the crisis zone, and commentators with experience on the ground think they know the reason for her inaction.

During a Monday appearance on Fox News’ Your World, National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd blasted the administration’s lethargic handling of the migrant influx, suggesting that Harris believes that solving the real problems that exist would anger her far-left base.

As the New York Post has noted, though Harris has long been tasked with addressing the record-breaking surge of migrants and presumably, by extension, the overcrowded, dangerous conditions in which so many arrivals are being held, she has made no plans to physically visit the troubled region or personally survey the highly controversial detention facilities there.

Amid criticism of her apparent lack of initiative on the border crisis, the White House attempted to shift expectations by saying that Harris was actually going to be focused on studying the “root causes” of mass migration, rather than the nuts and bolts of immigration enforcement, as Fox News reported.

According to Judd, however, Harris’ absence has nothing to do with a misunderstanding about her true assignment and everything to do with the fact that actually stepping up and tackling the realities at the southern border would alienate the vice president from her progressive supporters.

“We continue to put politics ahead of the American public. We continue to put politics ahead of the people that are putting their hands into these dangerous criminal cartels, these organizations that abuse them. If we continue to send the message that the border is open, then people are gonna come,” Judd explained, adding:

Border Patrol agents, people like myself who put on a uniform and go out and patrol the border, we’ve never dealt with this type of crisis before. And we’re not getting the support and help from the administration that we need in order to control this issue. It’s got to stop.

Lamenting the overly politicized nature of the situation on the ground at the border Judd opined, “If [Harris] came to the border, she would be expected to do exactly what Vice President Pence did…saw the issue, and immediately corrected some of the things that he saw wrong,” adding:

Vice President Harris can’t do that because it would go against her base if she came down and actually fixed the problem. That’s the main reason she’s not coming.

Mark Lamb, Pinal County, Arizona sheriff, echoed Judd’s sentiments, but focused the blame on President Biden himself, saying, “…he’s just trying to appease his base…all they’re doing is opening the floodgates for more and more people to come, undermining not only Border Patrol and [Immigration and Customs Enforcement], but the sheriffs and the other people who serve on the daily basis.”

Considering the widespread belief that Biden may not last a full term in office together with Harris’ status as the heir apparent for the 2024 Democrat nomination, Judd and Lamb are likely correct that the vice president is deliberately hoping to pass this political hot potato off to someone else, lest she sink her own ambitions for higher office.