Kamala Harris visits Wisconsin to rally support for 2022 midterms

Vice President Kamala Harris made headlines for her visit to Wisconsin on Monday when she addressed several issues near and dear to the hearts of Wisconsinites ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. 

According to NBC News, the state is frequently overshadowed by states like Pennsylvania and Georgia, but it is a key state for national politics, and it’s a state that Trump only lost by about 20,000 votes. 

Sen. Ron Johnson, who is up for reelection this year, is also a crucial issue as Democrats struggle to maintain hold of the upper chamber of Congress and Republicans’ eye taking over both chambers.

“I don’t know why Wisconsin doesn’t make national news, because this is one of the most obviously decrepit places for people of color in the country,” said the Rev. Greg Lewis, the founder and executive director of Souls to the Polls, a group led by pastors that seeks to increase civic engagement among Black residents.

Lewis made his frustrations about water in the primarily Black north side of town known, saying that they are unable to drink the water and cannot get enough affordable housing, saying President Joe Biden should visit as well.

“It just would be a good look if they showed a face in our neighborhood,” Lewis said. “Just step on the ground, see how people are living. Walkthrough a neighborhood. I think that would speak volumes.”

Considering how close the last election was for Biden with Trump, it’s possible the president should take the reverend’s advice if he plans to either keep the state, or assist his party in keeping it.

According to a national NBC News poll released last week, Biden’s Black support has dropped, dramatically, from 83 percent in April to 64 percent as of last week. 

“With a governor’s race and a Senate race, it makes sense for us to start investing in a state like Wisconsin now, because it’ll ultimately matter in 2024,” said a White House adviser who was not authorized to discuss details of future plans publicly but commented on the trip.