Kamala Harris under fire for 19-day stretch without presser on southern border crisis

Last month, as the mainstream media finally began to focus on the immigration crisis at the southern U.S. border, President Joe Biden tasked Vice President Kamala Harris with taking a lead role to tackle the “root causes” of the issue, with a focus on the “triangle countries” from where a majority of migrants are fleeing.

According to the Washington Examiner, a new layer of the controversy is forming with regard to Harris’s mysterious absence on the issue. As of this writing, the vice president has gone 19 days without holding a single press conference to update concerned Americans on what — if any — progress the Biden administration is making on the escalating issue. 

Harris is also under fire for showing virtually no interest in taking a trip to the southern U.S. border to get a first-hand feel for the urgency of the crisis. When asked if she would take a trip to the border last month, Harris made headlines after laughing at the reporter who asked the question.

She was later forced to initiate damage control after the story broke, insisting that at some point in the future she would take a trip to the border, though to this day that’s not something that’s on her official schedule.

It’s not as if Harris has intentionally hid from the spotlight in the nearly three-week stretch, as she’s made a number of trips elsewhere around the country.

The vice president recently took a trip to Chicago to speak on vaccine “equity,” and most recently, took a trip back to her home state of California to celebrate the Easter holiday. While in California, she traveled with Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) to the city of Oakland to drum up support for Biden’s upcoming infrastructure plan.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel dialed in on the California trip in a recent op-ed, suggesting that a simple 30-minute flight from where she was in the Los Angeles area could have placed her on on the ground, at the southern U.S. border.

“It would have been incredibly easy for Harris to add a stop on her trip to show her support and to console, comfort and lead on the ground. She has her own plane,” McDaniel wrote.

Nobody is expecting Harris to wave a magic wand and fix the immigration crisis, but Americans do expect their leaders to, at the very least, acknowledge a crisis of that magnitude in the same way former presidents and vice presidents visit areas after natural disasters or terrorist attacks. It’s not a lot to ask, but for Harris, it apparently is.

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  1. Republicans should do what the Dems do, start impeachment process on Biden,Kamala,Pelosi & Schumer for voter fraud and lies.

  2. The reason Camel-a H-arris will not travel to the border, Is so she can say without lying that she has not seen any problems. She is hiding her head and neck in the sands of California hoping it will die down.The MSM should ask Biden why she has not been there, and why she is not doing the job she was tasked to, Unless this appointment is just a ruse to keep the heat away from Joe dementia bidet.

  3. VP Harris disobeyed an Order given to her by Her Boss, and has done other nonessential moves and visits to areas not needing her visit. .
    She Should be IMPEACHED, or Fired bu BIDEN.

  4. All K. Harris wants to do is spend tones of tax dollars on her multiple offices! Why…. she do a damn thing positive for this country of OURS!! She is worthless, as is this president!

  5. She went home to her home town where she lived in California and only one Stupid woman was there to meet her maybe her step sister or aunt What nobody wants her and did not vote for her they Stole the Election Period

  6. Biden/Harris are COMMIES–they B.S. a lot–media treats them like gods—who pays who? Meanwhile our country is a laughing stock to freedom lovers everywhere—–impeach them before some idiot removes them from planet earth!!!!

    1. Totally agree! Where the hell are the congressional republicans? And why haven’t they initiated impeachment proceedings? Should have been done the day these clowns got into office.

      1. Well that sounds good for a political vendetta. However, republicans need to think about the tactical strategy for 2024.
        If for example the Republicans and Rino’s do Impeach both Biden and Harris will it remove them for Office?? And again hypothetically both Biden and Harris are gone, Now there is a even worse situation looming. That means the Speaker of the House Nancy batspit crazy Pelosi would be the next replacement President, and lord who knows would be the next speaker. So, I would suggest keep your power dry and Vote in Republican replacements in the House and Senate, and Primary all the Rinos who are not making America a better place for All Americans. Yeah it will take a little purpose and cognitive brain power to flip the scales, but getting pissed off with no deliberative plan to change things is just insanity. Example do you support Act for America working to get state government to fix corrupt election laws? Without getting State Legislatures to fix and change corrupt voting laws, there will be a repeat of 2020 election all over again.

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