Kamala Harris splashes out for pricey Parisian cookware amid economic woes at home

As the rising prices of all manner of consumer goods, food, and gasoline have Americans on edge, Vice President Kamala Harris’ money-no-object spending habits appear untouched, as she is said to have spent in excess of $500 on luxury cookware during her recent visit to Paris, as the Washington Free Beacon reports.

Harris embarked on a diplomatic sojourn to France in an effort to address strained relations with Washington, and while she was there, the vice president made a detour to the premises of E. Dehillerin, a high-end source for cooking implements, pots, and serving ware.

According to the Free Beacon, after browsing the store’s expansive offerings, Harris snagged a frying pan priced at roughly $160, a serving piece costing $375, and some other, smaller-ticket items such as a copper cleaner, wooden spoons, and more, with her total bill coming to 516 euros, or the equivalent of about $600. WATCH:

Harris’ expenditures, while certainly indicative of her discerning taste in kitchen supplies, came across to many as extraordinarily tone deaf, considering that the citizenry back home is experiencing a inflation at a level the worst it has been in thirty years.

The disturbing optics of the shopping spree were not lost on a tourist from the U.S. visiting the City of Lights simultaneously with Harris, who told the Free Beacon, “I was surprised that our vice president was out purchasing boutique pans in Paris. She proclaimed at a press conference just a day earlier that her focus was on the American worker.

Furthermore, the timing of Harris’ purchases – just ahead of Thanksgiving – was particularly misguided given the fact that the cost facing Americans for a traditional holiday feast has increased by 14% over last year, with turkey prices alone up approximately 24% from 2020, as Fox News noted, a fact that placed added financial pressure on families already suffering serious pain at the gas pump.

These images, combined with those of President Joe Biden’s extended family – disgraced son Hunter included – descending upon Nantucket last week for a lavish Thanksgiving celebration at the estate of private equity billionaire David Rubenstein do nothing to alleviate the perception that the country’s leaders are offensively out of touch with the challenge facing everyday Americans.

With approval numbers for both Biden and Harris continuing their downward spirals, scenes such as these – as offensive as they are – stand a good chance of bolstering Republican electoral prospects for the 2022 midterms and beyond, and that is something for which everyone can be grateful this holiday season.