Kamala Harris slams ‘outrageous’ SCOTUS reversal of Roe at New Orleans event

Vice President Kamala Harris sounded off on the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn Roe v. Wade during an appearance in New Orleans over the weekend, and her hyperbolic commentaries and tortured analogies on the topic likely made even more Americans feel petrified by the realization that she is just a heartbeat away from the presidency.

As ABC News reports, the vices president’s take on the ruling in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization was offered in the context of a “fireside chat” with actress Keke Palmer at the Essence Festival of Culture, billed as one of the largest celebrations of African American culture in the entire country.

Declaring the outcome in Dobbs to be “outrageous,” Harris further opined, “[w]e have to recognize we’re a nation that was founded on certain principles that are grounded in the concept of freedom and liberty.”

“We also know that we’ve had a history in this country of government trying to claim ownership over human bodies and we had supposedly evolved from that time an that way of thinking,” she added, making an apparent reference to slavery.

Painting the current situation in the starkest terms possible, Harris stated, “What essentially has happened is the statement has been made that the government has the right to come into your home and tell you as a woman and as a family what you should do with your life,” as the New Orleans Times-Picayune noted.

According to Harris, every pregnant woman should have the right “to make one of the most intimate decisions that she should have a right to make without government interference.”

“She should have a right to make with her pastor, or her priest, or her rabbi, or her family, but not by getting permission of the government,” the vice president added.

Attempting to bolster the spirits of pro-abortion advocates feeling discouraged by the high court ruling, Harris urged them not to be “overwhelmed to the point that we are disheartened and we think that we cannot do anything about it,” perhaps referencing calls from colleagues on the left to a federal right to abortion, a feat that would require a change in the Senate’s filibuster rules that is unlikely to be achievable under the upper chamber’s current composition.

Harris’ attempt to paint restrictions on abortion as akin to slavery is not only offensive, it is arguably unhinged, as is the rank hypocrisy of her newfound obsession with bodily autonomy, particularly when juxtaposed with the vaccine authoritarianism she and her leftist allies have foisted on the populace for more than two years.