Kamala Harris situation escalating – critics open fire

Since being named as the Biden administration’s point person on the migrant crisis, Vice President Kamala Harris has taken a decidedly hands-off approach to the role, and that fact has drawn the ire of Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), who expressed his frustration at her continued refusal to visit the border during a Monday appearance on Fox News.

President Joe Biden tapped Harris for this key administration role back in March, but the vice president has continued to dig in her heels when pressed about why she has yet to personally survey conditions at the southern border, which include overcrowded detention facilities for unaccompanied minors and overwhelmed law enforcement agencies.

During an interview on Fox News’ Your World, Issa turned up the heat on Harris, saying, “It’s sort of amazing to me that she’s conspicuous in he inability to come to the border when in fact it’s clear we are a draw and that her message of don’t come has been rejected. What she will see [during a visit to the border] is people from 100 different countries have crossed the border.”

Issa’s comments were in reference to Harris’ recent trip to Guatemala and Mexico in which she touted administration efforts to address the “root causes” of mass migration, a visit in which she declared, “I want to be clear to folks in this region who are thinking about making that dangerous trek to the United States-Mexico border: Do not come. Do not come.”

The congressman from California added, “So it’s not just the three countries of the Northern Triangle. She’ll see the message being sent based on the policies of this administration are clearly saying to a young man, ‘dont come here looking for a job, bring a family and stay.’”

“That message is in fact much more of a conflict than she might realize. If she hears that from the Border Patrol….that we are going to continue to release people that are coming as family units because coming as a worker which is historically what most people do initially isn’t working,” Issa continued.

The comments critical of Harris came on the heels of Issa’s explicit invitation to the vice president last week to come visit the border with Mexico at a location just a few miles away from his own congressional district near San Diego in which he said, as Fox News reported separately:

The conditions that she saw at the border when she was a senator…have deteriorated as a result of the policies of this administration, and she needs to see that firsthand. Anyone who sees that will, in fact, make a decision that some of the policies implemented in the first 100 days of this administration need to be reversed.

Now that Harris’ unrelenting obstinance about a border visit has been labeled “cringeworthy” even by the sycophantic folks at CNN, the vice president’s ability to continue dodging her responsibilities in this realm may finally be coming to a long overdue end.