Kamala Harris sells San Francisco home for a huge profit

Kamala Harris has used the phrase “people over profit” so many times that we almost started to believe her.

But it turns out that Harris and her husband, lawyer Doug Emhoff, aren’t averse to making a hefty profit themselves.

Realtor.com reports:

The nation’s newest vice president is unloading her San Francisco condo—and she’s getting a very good price.

Vice President Kamala Harris signed a deal to sell her 1,069-square-foot loft for $799,000, about 63% more than what she paid for it in 2004, according to the Wall Street Journal. The one-bedroom,1.5-bath property is located in a boutique building in San Francisco’s hot South of Market neighborhood. It was on the market for less than two weeks before it went under contract.

That’s a good amount of money for a one bedroom loft, but we don’t begrudge Harris for taking advantage of capitalism. What we do object to is her hypocritical attacks on ordinary Americans that do the same thing.

Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff have a net worth of 6.3 million and made over 3 million in 2019. They’re doing very well for a career in “public service.” But as the American Conservative noted:

Like many supposed “progressives,” Harris cannot tell you why she advocates socialist policies or even articulate a personal political philosophy. Like obvious role models such as Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, she’s in it for the power. Her future scripts will be written by the lobbyists of the big banks and corporations she has come to know over the past decade. But have no doubt that the Democrats will continue to use the levers of power to tax the productive part of society to provide the level of existence to which they feel entitled. We will all pay for that privilege.

Her big idea in 2019 was to give black families down payments and other subsidies to encourage home ownership. “We must right the wrong, and after generations of discrimination give black families a real shot at home ownership—historically one of the most powerful drivers of wealth,” she said, providing no further details.

Will she donate some of her profits to this worthy cause? I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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