Kamala Harris says LGBTQ teachers should ‘love openly’ in classrooms

Vice President Kamala Harris is becoming known more for the nonsensical things that come out of her mouth on a regular basis than for anything she has actually achieved while in the White House, but her recent comments about what she believes is the proper role of teachers in this country are — in the eyes of many — actually quite sick, as Matt Margolis of P J Media notes.

A clip posted this week by the Republican National Committee shows Harris holding forth on the topic of the Parental Rights in Education law passed in Florida earlier this year, and in it, she erroneously and pejoratively refers to the legislation as the “don’t say gay” bill.

In a clear attempt to rile up her far-left base, Harris vowed, “We’re gonna stand up against a law that says ‘don’t say gay’ basically restricting kindergarten through third-grade teachers in Florida to be able to love openly and teach what they believe is important for people to understand.” WATCH:

Given that the aforementioned Florida law does not prohibit the uttering of the word “gay,” but rather “prohibits classroom instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity in kindergarten through 3rd grade and prohibits instruction that is not age appropriate for students and requires students to adopt procedures for notifying parents if there is a change in services from the school requiring a child’s mental, emotional, or physical health or well-being,” Harris’ statement was problematic from the start.

However, as Margolis argues, what is even more troubling than the vice president’s willingness to lie and misrepresent the facts when attempting to score political points is that she apparently has a vested interest in having teachers “essentially boast about their sexuality” to young children.

“Groomers in education have advocates in the White House – and that is truly terrifying,” Margolis writes.

Andrea Widburg at The American Thinker echoed those sentiments, writing of Harris’ pronouncement, “No. Teachers do not need to ‘love openly.’ They need to teach,” presumably the same subject areas referenced by Margolis, namely, “the basics: reading, writing, math, history, and science.”

Harris and the leftists she is hoping to appease with comments such as those referenced above may come to the harsh realization – sooner rather than later – that the lion’s share of the electorate agree with Widburg’s assertion that “the best rule of thumb is that people for whom sex is the central aspect of their life are (a) not living a mentally or physically healthy lifestyle and (b) shouldn’t be around children.”