Kamala Harris reverses course – she’s backing the closed border policies now

House Democrats are calling out the Biden administration for closing the southern border, saying it has no legal basis, according to a report in POLITICO.

This comes months after Senator-turned Vice President Kamala Harris signed onto an April 2020 letter that called out the Trump administration for what they called the violation of federal law when he closed the border with Mexico, due to concerns over the COVID-19 virus.

Harris and nine other Senators called out the administration saying that the coronavirus pandemic was not a good enough reason to close the border, insinuating that the president made his step based in racist tendencies.

Now, only shortly after the Biden administration’s first 100 days in office, Harris has backed the administration’s decision to keep the border closed under the same provisions used by the Trump administration, according to sources cited by POLITICO.

That step was questioned by more than 60 Democrats who have urged the president to end the policy saying, as Harris did at one point, that the policy had no legal basis.

“While the Biden administration inherited an extremely challenging situation after years of inhumane border policy, I believe that ending this misuse of Title 42 should be a priority,” said Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL), according to POLITICO.

“It is very hard for me to justify this inaction to my constituents as we await notification and an explanation from the administration.”

The issue of immigration is clearly a complicated one for Democrats. While it is often highly convenient to their party platform to accept immigrants, both legal and illegal, with open arms, the reality of being the shot caller clearly dictates at least a modicum of decorum, even from the Biden/Harris administration.

Harris seems to have fallen victim to the classic tragic change in position once a person has to “walk a mile” in a leader’s proverbial shoes. There is at least some solace to be found in the fact that she did indeed change her opinion and has hopefully kept at least some illegal immigrants at bay because of it.

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62 Responses

  1. Harris and Demonrats, period, are liars. There are a multitude of reasons why we have the right to legally close our borders. Illegal walking across is just one of the many.

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  5. Really how did that happen, who caved to what pressure, thought the Cartels ran the Dems

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  7. Now even god has been taken out of the equation. Listen to the demoncraps and you will see they have no god in their hearts now. Try going to a church service and go to jail afterwards. You better not be a republican or you will never get out of jail.. guilty till proven more guilty by the new king biden rules.. no need for anymore elections the king has it wrapped up now.. we will never get him out now… like it or else. And you don’t want the or else… lost jobs, no bail, no hope anymore

  8. I always strive to maintain a civil tongue. There are times though. The Dems are destroying my country and we need to vote them all out in 2022.

    1. Greg: If we don’t vote them out the end of the U.S.A. as we know is over, the Demolocraps will finish destroying this Great Country an turn it in to a true Communist territory for Russia and China. They already own BO BO Biden, HO HO Harris, PUKE PUKE Pelosi and all Demolocraps plus half the Repulocraps. Then all is lost and only GOD can restore everything back to what was a Great Nation. AMEN.!!!!!

  9. At this point we will be better off making mexico another state of americas.. we already send more relief and aid to them than most states get now.. how about get america straight first.. people locked up in their homes, no help unless you are black or illegals..

  10. She is just clearing the path for her ascendancy to the Presidency. Trying to appease both sides now. She is so transparent in her ploy for power. The only problem is that if she and Joe go, then who do we have? Probably Nancy unless we can get rid of her and Chuckie quickly, Also Maxine. Not that she could ever move up.

  11. YAHOO WHO INHELL WOULD TRUST YAHOO nay More than Facebook, CNN or Google or BS NBC , the NYT or WAPO??? And WHO can ever TRUST Kamalahore to say anything HONSTLY when sjhe made it od HER BACK nad by Improsoning BLACKS for RECORD of ACHIEVEMENTS?? BURY THE HORE !

  12. Let me dumb-it-up for the Soc;al;st a little. If this Country has a Civ;l War,
    your grandkids will be living in a Third World Country with clean air and no food.

    Is that what you really want? Think about it if you can without someone helping you.

  13. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    This must be a democratic site because they don’t like what all I posted about Harris.

    1. This site is for anyone. democrats and Republicans, mostly Republicans. The comments are from more Republicans than democrats.

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  15. I don’t understand the problem with the border fence. I mean, what’s the problem with making them come thru border crossing check points? That way we can limit the entries. Not only that but, since these people are coming from countries that don’t vaccinate their children like we do. They need to be tested for everything before being turned loose in our country. If the democrats have a problem with this, make them take some of them into their households. Let them (illegals) infect their families and I’d bet they’d change their attitudes!

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  17. Too little, too late! These people are trapped in the Twilight Zone & won’t get out! The main problem is they chose to go there! How pathetic!


  18. I just don’t understand what they think ILLEGAL means. They should send these thousands and thousands of Illegals back to their country and let them take care of them. We cannot afford to be paying for all these people. We have enough people here that need help. Wake up before we lose our country.

  19. They should be building housing in every democrats home neighborhoods and a giant complex on Pennsylvania Ave. It certainly seems fitting.

  20. Kamala Harris is so stupid that if she had a brain and it was in a bird it would fly backwards and upside down. And thats is a proven fact proven by here time as so called Vice President. May GOD have mercy on her soul. AMEN.!!!!!!!!

  21. Thinking critically is not in a democrats repertoire. They come up with half baked ideas on energy, ecology and how one’s life should be lived. Nothing is thought through to an end result of their bumbling actions. Basically, they are still juveniles in adult form.

  22. Everything that has come out of the White House in the first 100 days hurts America and it’s people. And he isn’t done yet. More Democrats should wake up to the fact that he is ruling against the majority of Americans.

  23. They should send the illegals back to where they came from. Biden has already spent 3 billion dollars for them to be here. Get him out of office now. He is not supporting America, the military, our police officers who protect us every day. We need TRUMP NOW! Please PRAY for our Country and Israel.

    1. Time for the impeachment of the American haters Biden/Harris administration of deceit to the American public.

  24. Th e fools cause this problem and now they are acting as though they are doing something to fix a problem that they did not cause.I think they have a very low opinion of the American people and their ability to think critically

    1. Why is that? What do they gain by doing this. They have completely lost me. I do not watch news on TV at all anymore.

  25. Just close the border it’s important . Will wait to fuss next election on their stupidity in opening it in the first place.

  26. Joe’s administration is a Joke changing all the
    good stuff President Trump did now going back to it. And they will claim they did it. I can’t wait till 2022 to get back our Country.

    1. I hope and pray the Democraps do NOT get away with stuffing the ballot boxes with fake/illegal ballots, like they did in the last Federal election and Georgia election.

      1. And Arizona.
        I worked Maricopa Cty. elections for over 23 years including election audits. Not one fraudulent election was disclosed.
        My wife joined me for more that 10 of those years. Now we have a democrat in office.

      2. They will not be able to cheat in Georgia anymore. We have corrected that problem. The romance writer Abrams she started something that hurt Atlanta. Biden has been on the wrong side of everything. Must’ve been a breach birth. He pushed Bussing. My youngest son had a two hour ride each way to school instead of a five minute walk. The three strikes crime bill, killing Ben laden. Kamel toes is finding out what the southern border is all about. Still won’t go there. This country has a bunch of losers running it.

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      1. The liberal left is starting to flood the e-mails with Polls. Be careful because you will be into answering the questions before you realize that it is the Democrats trying to drum up support

    2. YAHOO WHO INHELL WOULD TRUST YAHOO nay More than Facebook, CNN or Google or BS NBC , the NYT or WAPO??? And WHO can ever TRUST Kamalahore to say anything HONSTLY when sjhe made it od HER BACK nad by Improsoning BLACKS for RECORD of ACHIEVEMENTS?? BURY THE HORE !

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