Kamala Harris replacement news – Gavin Newsom to decide

Kamala Harris will have to relinquish her Senate seat to preside over the House as vice president, and the problem of her replacement has bedeviled California politicians, who are torn between various interest groups.

Now, Harris herself is officially bowing out of the question, punting it to beleaguered governor Gavin Newsom, who has his own set of problems, including a potential recall effort.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is staying out of the fraught selection process to fill her Senate seat.

Newsom has bemoaned “the stress of having to choose between a lot of friends, to choose between quality candidates — and the fact that whoever you pick, there are going to be a lot of people who are going to be upset,” and pointed to a full-throttle lobbying effort that kicked up as soon as President-elect Joe Biden tapped Harris as his running mate.

Much of Newsom’s stress comes from the morally and politically bankrupt practice of balancing competing racial interest groups who are deeply invested in a virtual quota system.

As the Examiner reports:

For some prominent Democrats, selecting a black woman is a priority, while a Latino candidate remains a priority for those who say it’s past time for California, a state with a large Hispanic population, to send their first Latino senator to Washington.

Last month, close to 150 of the state’s biggest women political donors issued a public letter addressed to the governor, urging him “to continue this Californian tradition by appointing a woman of color to Vice President-elect Harris’s US Senate seat.” Among these women are some of Newsom’s most prolific political donors.

I have zero sympathy for Newsom. He’s weaponized identity politicals for political gain his entire career, but as a white male, he should have remembered that every revolution eats its own.

I also have no doubt that whoever replaces Kamala Harris will be just as radical, entitled, and dictatorial as she was.

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  2. No one in their rite mind would believe Gavin Newsom is going to suddenly start making sound desicions after such a phenomenal record of monumentaly disastrous ones for the state and people of California

  3. Democrats are not thinking for themselves or the country. Repeating BS how Trump is racist, never one ounce of proopf, homophobic,not one word Said by him, agains imigrants, not true, against Mexicans, never one word uttered by him about IT, so tell me why have Republicans not Made sure to prove all the lies? Election was stolen and the world knows IT! Supreme Court cowerds , too afraid to stand up for constitution that they should uphold!💩😡

  4. She really has no place in our government……born to parents who were NOT citizens. Someone forgot to check this out!

  5. #1 she ain’t black. #2 she’s a commie, just like the rest of the far left Dems! She is also owned by Red China! Go Trump, America First!

  6. Harris is hanging onto the seat in case it is proven that the election was stolen( which it will be). She knows this election was a fraud, so does joebama. President Trump WILL prevail, and hopefully Mo Brooks will get every Republican to stand with him to contest the congressional certification, then the twenty seven republican states can keep President Trump in office where he belongs.

  7. Wouldn’t it be funny if Newsom picked a Latino woman? Then when she is sent to Washington, she switched parties and sided with the republicans!

  8. I am going to innocently ask: if Blacks are 13% of our population, and Latinos are 17% or so, why do we Americans only get Black or Latino representation in our Congress/politics?? Are the rest of us unnamed nothings supposed to just DIE and get off of the earth for the comfort and delight of the Blacks and Latinos?? No hate mail necessary – I’m just curious about what is going on with America!!

  9. I have lived in 3 states in my lifetime. When brought to California in 1949 it was a paradise.
    Over crowding with illegal aliens & lack of facilities for decent housing & rehabilitation for those who need it is disgrace in much of the State. Who has been negligent? Democrats.

  10. The States With Delusional Democratic Radical Governor’s should be Recalled.
    They have ruined the States they are govern. The Delusional Democratic Mayors should be recalled too.
    They have ruined the Cities they govern. Letting the rioters take over. It’s a shame. The delusional radical Democratic politicians.
    Never did know how to Govern in the beginning. Their motto is handouts. ( Food Stamps and Welfare Programs).just like the Democratic President’s. The able bodied recipients who are getting Food Stamps and Welfare Programs should be working.
    Not be dependent on the Government.

  11. It doesn’t matter, Harris will never be V.p. and the idiot Governor will be removed. Yes he is a liar and thief like his Aunt Pelosi. They all will be removed. It may take several months or a year, but they will be gone. You watch CA will rise to red again, and there will be honest politicians who truly care about the people of CA. Besides Schiff, Pelosi, Waters and the other evil politicians most likely stole their votes. I pray they will be exposed one day soon. Not to mention all the money they have stolen from our treasury and our Government will take it back!!

    1. california will never turn republican. as joe stalin said, “it doesn’t matter who votes. it matters who counts the votes.” ballot harvesting will keep california in the hands of demoncrats perpetually. however, the wheels are starting to come off and pretty soon the only people left in the state will be the elites and illegals.

    2. Doubt she will ever be v.p. It would be best if she chooses a Latino because, at least most of them are Catholic,
      and their faith is very important to them. That would be a plus, & much better than any democrat, black or white.
      Pray she’ll never going to see the inside of the White House, ONLY, THE INSIDE OF A FEDERAL PRISON FOR TREASON.

    3. That day cannot come soon enough.

      Bothers me too that Gruesome Newsome’s ex is Trump Jrs current. I don’t trust her.

      Is she another heels up harris? An opportunist for sure.

  12. Gavin is overdue for the Gibbet and Harris is a close second herself, barely in second place with all of HER treason.

  13. States democrat leaders will continue to “lord” it over citizens until they are voted out or put on trial. It’s up to those who live in those states!

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