Kamala Harris pledges $310 million to Central America to slow illegal immigration

Vice President Kamala Harris pledged $310 million in aid to the three Central American countries to get at the “root causes” of illegal immigration in the United States, according to The Daily Wire

The Tuesday report stated that Harris told Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei that the three countries, known as the “Golden Triangle of Central American could use the money to solve “food insecurity” which the vice president believes to be the reason migrants are leaving the countries.

Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, the three countries in question, are the major contributors to the “migrant caravans” that travel through Mexico, to the American border.

These travelers often try to seek asylum which causes the United States Customs and Border Protection Agency, to get involved and assign them a hearing in immigration court.

“In light of the dire situation and acute suffering faced by millions of people in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, Vice President Harris announced an additional $310 million in U.S. government support for humanitarian relief and to address food insecurity,” according to a statement from Harris’s office.

“Of the $310 million, $255 million will go toward humanitarian relief while $55 million will address food insecurity in the region,” the New York Post added.

According to the vice president, who has been tasked with dealing with the crisis at the southern border is really the problem of the Department of Homeland Security.

The question that conservatives are left asking is how giving money to both the immigrants and the countries they hail from is a discouragement of the actions in question.

It appears we’re taxing American workers in order to subsidize a nation that has run its economy into the ground and citizens who have fled in panic.

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  1. Just like a Democrat, offer them money. This will not slow people from coming over. The government will receive the cash, not the people coming over. Just like Obama did with the pallets of cash to Iran. I want to know what Iran blackmailed Obama about.

  2. Wow, this was the “hardwork” that Kamala Harris has been doing for the invasion at the borders that she rewarded herself with a trip to the pastry shop for? To spend more tax payers hard earned tax dollars? How creative! Harris didn’t even bother to visit the borders, didn’t want to get dirty, just spend more more money across the border, typical democrats respond to every crisis or no crisis at all, spend, spend, spend!

  3. she is an A, what is wrong with those people.. yeah then we will come back & you can send more money

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