Kamala Harris’ latest favorability numbers are horrible

Many in the mainstream media world would like for Americans to believe that Vice President Kamala Harris is the move beloved, perfect vice president this country has ever had in the White House, presumably with the intentions of hyping her up as a viable 2024 Democratic candidate.

However, according to recent YouGov polls, Harris apparently has one major problem: A shocking number of Americans do not like her. Not only do more people overall have an unfavorable opinion than a favorable one, but Harris is especially in trouble when it comes to independent voters, with a vast majority viewing her negatively. 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most Democratic voters have a favorable view of Harris, at 74%, with 19% of Democratic voters having a “very or somewhat unfavorable” view, which is a number that’s still probably a tad higher than Harris and her people would like to see.

It’s also not a secret that most Republicans aren’t fans of the new vice president, but the poll indicated that the number who view her unfavorably is at 84%, with only 12% of Republicans who believe the opposite.

As we all know, most elections hinge on the independent vote and if the YouGov numbers are even somewhat close to accurate, Harris is drowning as far as support from the coveted independent voting bloc, with a staggering 57% who view her unfavorably and only 32% of independents favoring her.

Those numbers are mostly dreadful, and they certainly shouldn’t instill even an iota of confidence that Harris could run and win a presidential ticket in 2024.

Remember, Harris was literally forced out of the 2020 presidential election in December 2019, at the time citing a lack of “financial resources” to continue the race. In other words, she essentially didn’t even make it past the first round of cuts, which was an embarrassing exit, especially since she made a name for herself early on by destroying then-candidate Joe Biden in the first debate.

Adding to the humiliation, it’s difficult to believe that Harris was selected for the vice-presidential position for anything other than her gender and race, given that she was otherwise unpopular and not nearly as qualified as other Democrats on the VP shortlist.

Harris has a lot of branding work to do if she wants even a remote chance at taking over for Biden, whether that’s in 2024 or beyond. But right now, even Hillary Clinton would likely stand a better chance at winning, and that’s saying something.

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  2. Harris hasn’t been seen in public for awhile now. They are hiding her like they hid Lyin’ Biden. They stole the election but what amazes me is ANYBODY voted for either of them.

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  4. Neither one of them are worth their weight in sand! This Country may be damaged beyond repair, and it only took 3 months. They are not for unity at all and are proving it daily! Biden doesn’t have the balls to say no to the left and it’s cost him. I honestly don’t see them making it the full 4 years. They claim some invisible majority voted for them when in reality it was maybe 30% tops of the United States Citizens that actually did vote for them. The rest are ballots from the dead, illegals and even nobody’s somehow voted. A full forensic audit would prove that not only did they cheat by using 90% of the MSM and Big Tech, but also digital votes placed mysteriously by no one! Ask them, they will tell you they didn’t cheat. So the media being 100% biased for them isn’t cheating? Whenever these clowns decided it was just fine to represent only one point of view by pounding false narratives into the population’s heads, the cheating began. They won in the dark of night, it was the only way possible for them to unseat Donald Trump!

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  8. This is starting to look like a pinboard at a laundromat more than a discussion forum…. Sad .

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  10. She’s worthless, does NOT care about the CITIZENS of the U.S.A., cares more for the ILLEGALS, and she certainly CANNOT do the job she was told to do — U.S. BORDER!!! She does NOT want to address the situation because she wants all the ILLEGAL ALIENS to come to this country and we’ll pay them for not working. HARRIS HAS TO GO!!!!!

  11. Joe Biden was railroaded into naming her the VP candidate. A turn-off, she’s ill-equipped, ill-prepared to hold her position.

  12. She has a good chance of becoming president after Biden. The democrats know all they have to do is rig the election like they did for Obama and Biden and they will get away with it because the politicians and judiciary aren’t going to do anything about it even though they know it occurred.

  13. Sad Sad that the voters of this country are stupid enough to vote for these two Bafoons, they don’t have enough sence to know where they are until some one in Washington tells them around lunch time each day. This has been proven sence they were so called elected to the V & VP offices thats the reason they are missing and can’t be found for days at a time.

  14. I don’t know how you get Biden and Kamla out of office but the United States can’t stand six more months of destruction. How do we have so incompetent people in congress ,senate and president and Vice President . Time to wake up United States.

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  16. Biden is beginning to get a little Trump treatment from the media so sooner than later he’ll be removed and Harris can strut her stuff. Then the left will be so astonished that the person who broke promises, often confused, might not know what day of the week it is will be the one they want back as their leader.

    1. Polls are what the individuals taking the poll want them to be. Not trying to be rude but most of today’s blue collar workers don’t answer the phone at work, but they understand life’s issues and vote conservative. Drug dealers are a good example of individuals that take every call and they want anything that keeps them outa jail.

  17. This whole thing is a cheap dog and pony show! She doesn’t have the education to be VP much less take over for Biden. It’s a joke. The Democrats are buying their way into the US good graces. Think about it. Where is all this money coming from?

  18. She was picked by a total idiot and she is one herself. she’s a she. Lots of the she’s in politics are horrible in their jobs and the # 1 would be madam Pelousi.

  19. Need to get impeached before the country get destroyed
    She us not a Vice President like AOC is not a Congress women
    They have lit if sleeping in their background
    America will be destroyed if no one is reacting

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  21. Kamala is used to sleeping her way to the top, so she doesn’t have the know how to run anything.

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      1. Something wrong with those that continue to tell us how much money they are making. I don’t see them going any place with it?
        They just keep saying that. If they are then why are they here on this part of the internet. They should be in Hawaii, some place besides here.

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