Kamala Harris is the favorite to win 2024 according to bookmakers

One of the primary fears of many Republican voters leading up to and after the 2020 election was the worry that President Joe Biden, given his seemingly poor state of mental acuity along with his ripe age, could be nothing more than a placeholder for Vice President Kamala Harris to eventually take over.

Whether that happens in the first term or beyond — or at all — is anyone’s guess, but betting odds from British bookmaker Ladbrokes already have Harris at the top of the heap when it comes to the most likely presidential winner in 2024, according to Yahoo News

The bookmaker placed Harris at a 22.2 percent probability of winning the presidential election in 2024, which was slightly above Biden’s probability of 20 percent and former President Donald Trump’s probability of 14.3 percent.

However, the company made sure to note that the 45th president isn’t out of the running, as their odds of him being selected as the Republican nominee for president in 2024 are roughly double the odds of him actually winning.

“Donald Trump’s time in politics is far from over if the latest odds are anything to go by, and while Kamala Harris currently heads the next election winner betting, Trump isn’t far behind,” Ladbrokes said.

It probably shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Harris has already secured positioning for a potential 2024 run, as there have been a number of obvious and subtle hints that she could be in the midst of being groomed at this very moment.

In an earlier Politico report, it was pointed out that Biden didn’t select anyone who ran against him in the Democratic primary to serve in his Cabinet, perhaps in an effort to give Harris a boost in popularity and name recognition for a 2024 run. Of course, after that report was published, Biden chose former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg to become the new U.S. Transporation Secretary.

In addition, Harris has recently made headlines after it was reported that she has fielded a number of calls with foreign leaders, which is typically a president’s duty. Politico suggested that Biden may be allowing Harris to take the lead on those relationships to provide her with the foreign policy experience that she would need for a future run — experience that she sorely lacks at the moment.

Only time will tell, but on the surface, it’s certainly not a stretch to presume that Harris is already on the pathway to taking over at some point in the future.