Kamala Harris is taking over the lead role on the National Space Council

Most recently, President Joe Biden tasked Vice President Kamala Harris with taking a lead role on the immigration crisis which, so far, has led to no remarkable changes at the border.

According to Politico, in recent days, the White House made a stunning announcement about Harris’ next responsibility, which includes her new assignment as the chair of the National Space Council, where she’ll have decision-making ability for the cabinet-level government office. 

A senior White House official revealed to the outlet that some of her responsibilities as the head of the National Space Council will include overseeing and “supporting sustainable development of commercial space activity, advancing peaceful norms and responsible behaviors in space, achieving peaceful exploration objectives with our allies and partners.”

Adding to the checklist are Harris’ priorities of focusing on climate change, advancing STEM education, enhancing cybersecurity as far as space is concerned, and pushing for workforce diversity.

The vice president issued a short tweet expressing her excitement over leading the council, which was originally formed under former President George H.W. Bush. Interestingly, the council was virtually disbanded after Bush left office, only to be reinitiated by former President Donald Trump in 2017, as he long preached the importance of American space dominance.

The Biden administration, so far, seems to be open to embracing Trump’s vision of advancing American space technology as a top priority, including objectives to once again land on the moon and down the road, a potential first trip to Mars.

It would certainly be wise for the Biden administration to maintain that track, as the commercial space industry is exploding not only in popularity and public interest but also in necessity as technology continues to exponentially increase.

Let’s just hope that Harris takes America’s space initiatives and her role as chair of the National Space Council a little more seriously than she appears to be taking her lead role on the out-of-control immigration crisis.

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    1. We can’t see it because we the people can not go anywhere now. thanks to king biden and kasmella for lockdowns too. King of losers and laughing cow.. next your job will dissapear and then you can get on the biden gravy train and have the govt give you what you dont want, dont need,dont care for. Another lost soul wandering in a haze of democrap

  1. She can’t even address the border crisis…now space …omg wish she and biden go to space and STAY…WHAT A FREAKING JOKE WE ARE…EVERYONE LAUGHING…

  2. She can’t even find our southern border. They are really getting desperate to find a place for her, as she isn’t qualified for anything.

  3. Kamala Harris is incompetent….get real. She just likes to walk around and laugh……the only other VP that I ccan think of who was just as bad was Joe Biden , imagine that……both Uncle Joe and cuz Kamala think throwing moneya t something will fix it.

  4. Time to put HER and the rest of them all on a ROCKET and send them off into SPACE, have them meet the Aliens up there – they’ll know WHAT to do TO them, then just FORGET about them…..

  5. Uncle Jim Crow Joe and the Democraps using the Peter Principle of incompetent people in positions of power!!! Can’t wait till 2024 to get rid of these baboons before they get rid of US!!

  6. Now the democraps are going to mess up the space program. Everything the dems touch turns into a racist problem.. soon we won’t be able to call aliens, aliens.. and we will have to have an alien intervention… alien sistemic racism… hope king biden doesn’t open the outer space border.. we have enough coming from the world.. we the people can not afford the whole universe of illegals too

  7. As long as she stays out of the Space Command. They have all the facts on the presidential fraud election. We don’t need her nosing around trying to delete fraud information.

  8. I hope she does a better job for space, then she had done for immigration. She has done absolutely nothing at the southern border.

    1. Fake president Biden and nitwit. Harris. Need to be impeached. They are a discrace to america. Get some balls. Congress and do your job. Save our country. Another brain wave. Arrest. B L M. And antifa. And toss the key. Rhett are domestic terrorists.


  10. Our president and vice president ( and I use that term loosely , neither one is qualified to be dog catcher )
    Its time for the people to take back this country before they totally destroy it. If that means by force so be it.

  11. KA MA LA has a big space between her legs filled with kaka. She couldn’t find her a$$ to use toilet paper if she had any brains. She is super dork!

  12. The harris kamel couldn’t even address the border crisis, never mind manage it, so WHAT makes them think she can handle managing the space program, since she knows nothing about it to begin with? Kind of like Beijing joe’s hunter to sit on an energy council when he knows -0- , zip, zilch, nada about that. Beijing joe and the harris kamel are both a waste of oxygen AND “space”!

    1. Well lets see what else Joe can put her in charge of cause she does nothing. For the love of me why hasn’t anything been done at the border with all the illegals and cartel coming in.

      1. Immigrants that had to learn English, had their last name changed so we could pronounce it, came in thru Ellis Island and had their names logged in, took no hand outs and were proud people willing to work! I know that is how my grand parents came over on a boat and many had died on there way over. My grandfather’s wife died on her way over and they had a son. My grandmother’s husband died on the way over and they had a daughter. That is how my grandparents met. Don’t talk about something you have no idea what those immigrants went thru. Nothing was handed to them and didn’t look for hand outs. They were proud people. The type of people that can’t compare to what’s coming over now!!!!!

      2. Immigrants that didnt expect all free stuff like these think. My grandparents were immigrants and went right to work and did not receive free medical a place to live and nothing was given to them free

  13. I get it now Harris is going to build a wall in space to keep the little green men from landing here, what a joke she can’t even find the southern border but I hope she knows where space is

    1. The laughing hyena-cackler is not mentally capable (like Puppet Joe) to be running anything. She is nothing but a skank!

        1. Kamala is not qualified for any job. She won’t even go to the Southern boarder what makes Biden think she will succeed with a Space project
          Oh that’s right Bidens brain doesn’t think…. he failed again.

        2. Biden has dementia, the only way he was elected was Obama is running his third term, Biden does what he is saying, not good at it, personally I feel like it was planned before he ran. Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, they are all in to keep Biden in and they are the ones that decide. Biden can’t, dementia has been destroying his brain daily.

        3. She isnt qualified to clean the toilets, she would die of hysteria if she ever accomplished any thing.

      1. So true, Sam. At least we know it won’t get screwed up bc like the border crisis she’s not going to do a damn thing either way.

    2. Kamala Harris isn’t qualified to be Vice President according to the Constitution!! She is an “Anchor Baby” therefore not born of American Citizen parents!!! Her Father was a slave trader and owned slaves in Jamaica, her mom was from India, they were not married when Kamala was born nor were they American Citizens or even green card holders or immigrants waiting for legal entry!!! They were apparently Illegal when Kamala was born un USA Soil!!! By Constitutional Law, she cannot be an elected Federal Official!! She lives off the time she spent with the help (and apparent regular “service”) she gave to Com Willie Brown of San Francisco while he was married!!!

    3. yes and i hope she’s on the next flight to the moon to plant that flag and leave her there!

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