Kamala Harris is no longer in charge of the border crisis, team says

Vice President Kamala Harri’s team is reportedly frustrated with Republicans who they believe have “mischaracterized” them to some media outlets, according to Fox News.

But lost in all the protests is a stark reality – Harris is no longer in charge of the border crisis. Who pulled the plug? The answer lies somewhere in the White House. 

The network reported that the team is feeling the heat over a lack of change in the border crisis, which the vice president was tasked with finding the remedy for.

CNN’s Natasha Bertrand claimed that there was a “lot of confusion” about Harris’ role in the border crisis:

“Republicans kind of seized on that confusion, and they made it seem as though Vice President Harris was going to be the new border czar,” she said according to Fox News. “That she was going to be responsible and be the envoy to the border, be responsible essentially for all of the problems that arise there.

“Her team has come out and said publicly, ‘Look, we do not own the issues at the border. We are not managing the issues at the border,’” Bertrand said, saying Harris is pointing to the Department of Homeland Security to handle it.

The reporter went on to explain that the outlets treating the vice president with less respect than she might wish are often prompted to do so by the Republicans that stand against her progressive plan to fix the border crisis.

“When her team saw this being mischaracterized by some media outlets and by Republicans and questions swirling about whether she herself was going to visit the border in her new capacity, they were kind of dismayed by this because her role was always going to be focusing on these Northern Triangle countries and the root causes of this, and they saw her being linked to the border as a potentially politically perilous assignment and task.”

While it’s not unexpected for Republicans to want to change the Biden administration’s plan of action, even mainstream outlets such as Axios and POLITICO, and The Associated Press seemed unclear about Harris’ plan to work on the problem at hand.

According to Bertrand, CNN has been informed that Harris was “extremely involved” in crafting a strategy that they hope will address the illegal immigration surge’s root causes, some of which they have identified as “climate change” and “tackling food insecurity.”