Kamala Harris is missing in action – still no press conference after 12 days

Nearly two weeks have passed since President Joe Biden tasked Vice President Kamala Harris with the most unpopular job possible of reigning in the immigration crisis on the southern U.S. border, and America has yet to hear any updates.

According to Fox News, Harris is facing increased pressure from some in Congress and in the mainstream media to hold a press conference to provide the country with an update as to what her plans on tackling the issue are, specifically, as the latest numbers still show that the illegal immigrant surge is continuing to worsen. 

During an appearance on Fox News’ “Watters’ World,” Lara Trump, the newly-minted Fox contributor and campaign adviser to former President Donald Trump, pulled no punches as she unleashed on Harris for seemingly not taking her new appointment as the immigration czar seriously.

“This is a crisis…I don’t care how they want to spin it, there is no doubt this happening on our southern border right now…is an absolute crisis,” Lara Trump said, referencing the Biden administration’s extreme reluctance to label the situation as a “crisis.”

She went on to contrast the situation with when former Vice President Mike Pence was tasked with leading the federal government’s COVID-19 response — an equally daunting challenge. She reminded viewers that within days, Pence was providing press conferences and taking questions on the issue while working on solutions.

Lara Trump echoed others while expressing her feelings on Harris’ lackluster performance on handling her new duties, going as far as labeling the Biden administration the “least transparent” in history, which flies in the face of Biden’s cornerstone campaign promise of aiming to be the most transparent administration ever.

“But where is Vice President Kamala Harris? She needs to get down to the southern border. It has been two weeks…since she was tapped for this role. What we see happening down there is so egregious, so outrageous, it is bad for America, it is bad for the people that are trying to come over our southern border,” Lara Trump added.

Late last month, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) blasted the Biden administration for not having visited the border at that point, calling for Biden and Harris to “get off your a– and go to the border and look and see what you have caused” in a fiery statement.

Most reasonable Americans do not expect Harris to single-handedly fix the border situation overnight, but the least she could do for America right now is visit the border to get a feel for what’s really happening and then hold a press conference to take a few of the tough questions coming her way. It doesn’t seem like a hard thing to do.