Kamala Harris is looking to pump money into Central America’s private sector

Vice President Kamala Harris is expected to announce investments in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador’s private sector during her upcoming trip, according to The Washington Examiner.

Harris’ push for investments as she’s been unable to provide a solution to the border crisis, instead pushing for sending money to Central America as the cure for mass illegal immigration through the United States southern border.

According to the Examiner’s report, there are 12 firms and organizations that have signed on to make investments, including Mastercard, Microsoft, Nespresso, Chobani, and Duolingo.

“This approach will leverage commitments and resources from the governments in the Northern Triangle and partnerships with private and social sectors to draw on their unique resources and expertise to support economic growth,” the White House official said.

The Biden administration’s strategy is to help would-be immigrants’ countries of origin become more appealing to those who supposedly immigrate for monetary gain.

Harris spoke to Guatemalan justice leaders earlier this month saying that she believed the violence and corruption were the primary reasons that people are leaving the region and that it also pushes away would-be investors:

“I don’t need to tell you this — injustice is a root cause of migration. It is causing the people of the region to leave their homes involuntarily, meaning they don’t want to leave but they are fleeing: Women, Indigenous people, Afro-descendants, LGBTQ people are facing discrimination and persecution; families are living in fear of traffickers and gangs.”

Other investors in the project include Bancolombia and Davivienda, two regional banks, the World Economic Forum. Nonprofit groups such as the Tent Partnership for Refugees, Accion, Pro Mujer, and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health are also rumored to be involved.

To some, it may seem an investment in the future, and to others, it might appear as if we’re subsidizing bad behavior. Time will tell what the long-term effects of arranging an economic boost for a country that seems to be run by crooks.

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  1. I could write a 100 page book on just her and her greedy ect .ways but that will never help us .. she is a out to bring AMERICA down to our knees .. EVIL EVIL person ..WORST THAN OBIDEN >>EVEN >> SHE NEEDS TO BE PUY IN JAIL AND ALL OF THEM EMPEACHED TODAY >>EVEN THAT WILL BE TO LATE FOR OUR COUNTRY TO COME BACK >>>>>DAMN THEM ALL TO HELL

  2. Cameltoe doesn’t care about this country, she doesn;t care about the people at the border….All she cares about is THAT SHE HAS POWER!

    JOE BIDEN, NANCY PULOSI, CARMELLA HARRIS are absolutely nothing more than modified narcissists. Soon China will pull ahead of the united states as they will profit hugely from our “new green deal” Your government will remain in power through a corruptive election process…or just “border stuffing”..

    And the 3 henchman above will go on about lying to the public and RUINING AMERICA…

    1. Kamala is so stupid! She is unfit and unintelligent . She should NEVER take the reins of America!!!

  3. every time i write a comment you dont publish it.?why its a free country still.you people are rotten to the core. who runs this the demorats?

  4. Finish the damn wall ! Simple solution finish the wall and put 5 or 6 hundred military to work with the border patrol and turn them back. How stupid are you people?

  5. They have to stop spending spending spending us into oblivian. We will be poorer than Guatemala. They are ignorant of what they are doing, We have to get rid of them. They have no sense of how to budget. If Trump is found to have won the election,, we can kick Joe out, but they are slow at their audits.

  6. It will be like the $ dollars that go to Planned Parenthood , out they go and most of it will return to our Politicians . All of them are benefiting from the actions relating to money that is sent out of Congress !!!>>

  7. I knew it and said they the Democrats would do nothing but throw money at their problem. The fools will send millions of our taxpayer dollars, or worse borrowed money, to a bunch of corrupt South American Politicians that they can’t control, monitor or arrest. They don’t care how many of their people move to America, because that’s just one less mouth to feed and more money for them to steal. If they cared one iota, they and would have taken actions already, but they have done nothing. Tell me, one trip to South America and Mexico and she’s suggesting that we send millions to groups of people we don’t know, have had little dealings with in the past, and know that they are bankrupt and crime infested already? Kamala is in way over her head and this proves it. This would be nothing more than “wealth distribution” on a huge scale, and it won’t work.

  8. WTF is wrong with this woman. House our homeless…take care of “our” Veterans…help US here at home get back on OUR feet!!!! This Administration is disgusting. We need to take care of our own before we take care of “everybody” else 🧐

  9. The number of people who feel as you do, looks like one of Trump’s ‘rallies’!!! In her last job, her ‘underlings’ said she was inefficient, ineffective, did nothing and her only ‘concerns’ were her ‘looks’ and her ‘fashion’!! Nothing has changed except, now
    THAT is what is running this country!! God help us!!

  10. YEEEESSSSSS!!! Waiting for elections will take too long and I’ve totally lost faith that they’ll be honestly run!! Some states have banned Dominion but the ‘all’ need to!!

  11. Here’s an Idea Kammi Bae! Let take all that money and give it to Mexico with the condition it will be used to build a Berlin style wall complete with a 200 yard open area with a mine field along with sniper gun towers maned 24 hours a day!! Along with this gun boat Patrols on the water as well 24 a day! See Kammi! You will be making a lot of impact to the Mexican Citizens involved in the construction and support personnel along with putting all that money into their economy to go along with the NEW jobs You and Bidy made by forcing Ford and GM to move all their Michigan auto plants and jobs out of our country, removing god knows how many great jobs held mostly by blacks! You Racist bastards are doing a great job of eliminating American jobs & raising taxes!!! OK and Yea making Child trafficking great again and drug importation. Hey Ya know what? I am unaware of ONE SINGLE thig Yall have done for AMERICANS prosperity cum to thing about it!

  12. She needs to wake up and see what her President is doing to this country. We need help and no one is helping us, not even her, afraid to go to border because it will upset Pelosi another useless person. She made a lot of money last year tell her to donate.

    She has to go. like they say stupid is as stupid does

  13. We have been sending billions of dollars every year to Central American countries for decades and nothing has changed. They keep creating problems and expect the US to solve them…

  14. This plan is stupid to say the least !!! They are going to send this money down there and the same thing is going to happen that these people are fleeing from !! The money is going to go into the pockets of the people currently in power and it won’t do anything to ease the issue at the Southern Border and it won’t do anything for the people that are fleeing from their Country !!! They aren’t fleeing because they want a better life they are fleeing because of the drug lords and their ineffective Government that won’t or can’t take action against all the lawless gangs because they are making money on the lawless gangs too… It’s just a stupid idea but can we expect from the Democraps, more stupidity !!! We the people are the that are going to have to PAY for this stuffed pig idea !!! That’s the Democraps for ya just throw more money at it and hopefully it will go away !!! Idiots……………..

    1. We all do! This nit-wits team is disastrous! How are we to survive 4 years of this nonsense?///

      They continually make Trump look so good. This is good for 2024 if Trump runs again or if Trump supports someone I will go with Trump or whomever he supports and he has good judgement unlike dementia Joe and Kamala. Kamala’s only reply to anything is that giggling laugh. I can’t stand to look at her.

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