Kamala Harris is leaving DC to campaign in Georgia

In a sign that the Biden campaign is growly increasingly worried about the results of the Georgia runoff election, Kamala Harris is leaving DC to campaign in Georgia, according to multiple sources.

Mainstream polls put Republicans slightly in the lead in Georgia, and with their abysmal record in the November race, Democrats have to assume that that small lead might be bigger than it appears.

The more accurate Trafalgar group polls show Republicans Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue with a larger lead, up to 6.7% for Loeffler.

The Biden campaign might feel that it’s “sending in the big guns” in Kamala Harris, but there’s little evidence that she’s a net benefit to the campaign – she remained mostly under wraps in the presidential race and flopped dismally when running her own campaign for president.

In any case, the Biden presidency stands or falls based on the results in Georgia. As Joe himself said: “I need two Senators from this state if I want to get something done, not two Senators who are going to get in the way.”

Let’s pray that he doesn’t get what he wants.