Kamala Harris is guilty of rank hypocrisy on Cuomo sex misconduct allegations

The growing sexual misconduct scandal encircling New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) has drawn public expressions of alarm not just from Republicans, but also from prominent members of his own party, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY), and Sen. Chuck Schumer (NY).

However, Vice President Kamala Harris has remained conspicuously silent with regard to the allegations against Cuomo, a fact made all the more hypocritical by the aggressive, “believe all women” position she adopted during Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings back in 2018, as Fox News reports.

Now that it has emerged that a sixth woman has claimed that Cuomo engaged in inappropriate – perhaps even criminal – conduct, it seems all the more surprising that Harris’ refusal to comment continues. Indeed, when asked by reporters on Wednesday for her thoughts on the matter, the vice president simply exited the room without uttering a word. Watch:

Political observers will recall that then-Sen. Harris was among the most vocal opponents of then-nominee Kavanaugh during a contentious confirmation battle in which he faced vague, decades-old claims of sexual assault from, among others, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

At the time, Harris praised Ford for coming forth with her assault claim, stating, “she is putting herself out there knowing that they’re going to try to excoriate her, and she’s doing it I believe because she knows that this is an important matter,” as Fox News further noted.

Harris also brazenly used the Kavanaugh controversy to elevate her own profile on the national stage, raising campaign funds on the back of her proclaimed outrage, dramatically walking out of the hearing room ahead of a procedural vote, and ultimately referring to the eventual confirmation of Kavanaugh as “a denial of justice for the women of this country.”

During her failed presidential campaign, Harris notably expressed solidarity with women who came forward to accuse then-rival Joe Biden of inappropriate and unwanted touching, stating in 2019, “I believe them and I respect them for being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it,” The Hill reported at the time.

Ever the political opportunist, it appears that Harris is once again being guided more by strategic motivations than by principles when assessing the validity and relevance of sex assault claims.

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  1. Geriatric Joe and Kamaltoe are leading us down the path
    All I see is history showing a bit of wrath.
    If conservatives and realists care to save their souls,
    Stop the whine and in 22 get yourselves to the poles!

  2. biden is PATHETIC ( see Thursday evening ), and kammie is an INCOMPETENT EGOMANIAC ( no explanation necessary ) …

    … and is it my imagination? or is she LAUGHING more than ever … ? What a CREW we have at The White House …

    1. Speaking of the White House, can anyone explain why the razor wire it on the inside of the fence at the WH, looks like it is to keep the inmates inside the WH rather then keep people out. Someone said that it had been changed to the outside but the last picture I saw it looked to still be on the inside of the fence. Can anyone explain??

  3. Kamel toe Harris is a fake, phony and a fraud. How did we every get stuck with 2 worthless human beings like sleepy Joe and Kamala.We now know that the crooked dems rigged the election because these are two of the most useless people on the face of the earth.We can recall sleepy Joe for sheer incompetence and impeach Kamala in 2022 when we take back the senate.

  4. Joe BIDEN AMERICAS Pinocchio he just can not stop lying and fibbing he is one weak leader Peter Pan can give him a run for his MONEY👌🏼

  5. What a joke Kamala, any vision Joe ever had he stole, the man has never had an original thought of his own! The big porked up bill of baloney is meant to destroy America in so many ways! Oh yeah, promise $2000 to voters then throw like a bone $1400! Really? You think that is going to stop foreclosures, evictions, feed a hungry family and buy $5.00/gal gas! Wow how generous!
    How dare you NOT condemn CUOMO or at least support the women who have been allegedly abused! Oh that is right, you hooked up with one of those lecherous creeps!

  6. Harris is nothing more than a opportunistic political hack like the rest of the Democratic Party. All you have to do is review her political history starting in California Shameful, this From a Democrat who just had to switch parties.

  7. This woman ( excuse me, person in the new left lingo ) is the epitomy of hypocritical left thinking!!!!

  8. She is dangerous and disgrace to the United States of America. Tell me why she was even picked as a vice-president.

    1. Biden was told to pick her he does as he is told the fix was in from the start they knew he couldn’t run this country

  9. What a disgrace to all Americans, Men and Women. Talk about double standards. We need President Trump in the white house NOW!

  10. That will attract more illegal aliens to come into our country if they know they can get stimulus money from the government! Plus they are getting more help than the legal citizens that already ,came before. They get free housing , medical and dental, food stamps, financial aid and everything there is that’s available for them to qualify. And those that are here legally have to go through hoops and bounds before they can even get help. Biden is not making sense when he allow these people to come into the country freely! He need to be impeach right now! He’s ideas will create a lot of problem and more chaos as far as I can see . He’s for these illegals voting to keep them in power! He’s so crooked !

  11. It would seem that our so called vp will on run off at the mouth when things are against the Republican Party and not a democrat she is two faced and has no business being vp

      1. She is also not eligible to be VP because her parents were not USA citizens when she was born. Our constitution is rip apart .

        1. Really why didn’t this come up when we were voting I never heard a word about it but it wouldn’t have made any difference because it was such a fraud vote any way

    1. According to all research performed, Kamala Harris is an Anchor Baby and CANNOT LEGALLY serve as Vice President according to the U.S. Constitution!!!!!

      1. This has concerned me from Day one. She is definitely an “anchor baby” and the Democrats allowed her to run for president regardless.
        Doesn’t anyone check this stuff? It should be shouted from the highest hilltops that she is inelligible. Ye gods and little fishes.

      2. So what about o’bama, he had ONLY ONE US born parent = was NOT eligible either for Presidency, still they INSTALLED him and got away with it and we know how this TRAITOR brought America DOWN, so now with HER it WON’T be one iota different….WHY don’t Americans LEARN from History..??? hitler was NOT German and look what he has done to Germany/the world….!!!!


      1. Apparently, it – demonrat party, does NOT go by WHAT/WHO we WANT, it goes by WHAT/WHO they WANT and “We the People” BOW DOWN to their EVERY WANT…..I don’t see anybody rising up PROTESTING STRONGLY, NEVER did it about o’bama either – was NOT eligible either for the Presidency with ONLY ONE US born parent, wasn’t really or well known BEFORE he appeared all of the sudden, like out of THIN AIR, took over and we ACCEPTED it BLINDLY, SILENTLY etc…..So, she is so-called vp now and will end-up as president because we already know that biden will not make it much longer…..SO, all in all, NO BIG DEAL……??????

    3. Kamela Harris is a disgraceful hypocrite. Impeach the woman and her boss Biden
      for his lack of not knowing what is going on.

      1. then you get Nancy P as president we just can’t win they all need to go away. bring back the real PRESIDENT TRUMP

    4. I agree. Says what she thinks will make her look good. We must pray for Gods will be done in this whole mess our nation is in.

      1. yes we do I am so sad about the whole mess I am 85 years old and in all my life as I have follower politics I have never seen the like of what is going one it is so disgraceful to even watch and with Gods help I hope it can get better but we must get all the people out of politics that is so greedy and dishonest or it will never get better Trump had a good start in cleaning it up but I never believed any election could be such a fraud as this last one if they don’t straighten up the voting process the democrat’s will do this in every election they we hold so pray for some on good enough to get it done

        1. Oh, they are already WORKING on making their FRAUD in elections Official/legal….Haven’t you heard about HR1 yet that they are trying to push through….????? We are DONE, COOKED, the FOREVER FIX is coming….I am not so young anymore either so I am just glad I had my FREEDOMS and all for most part of my life, but I do feel very bad for our Children/Grandchildren, they will NEVER have what we had…..UNLESS…..SOMETHING BIG would happen all of the sudden, totally OUT of the Blue…!!!!????

    5. it was the metoo movement against any republican.but people don’t know how it got started.it was a clinton administration official that came up to slick willie and said hey bill i’m married but am having an affair.to which willie replied metoo! hahaha!

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