Kamala Harris Is FREAKING OUT – Shooter Was…

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12 Responses

  1. Looks like Kamala Harris’s niece is as big a liar as her aunt. She is just another one of those
    jump to conclusion, no evidence needed people, who just show how stupid, ignorant and racist
    they truly are. This is just another example of someone wanting to blame the ‘whites’ for everything
    bad that happens. Strange isn’t it that a majority of the guilty people are not ‘white’. How inconvenient
    is that. I think we are looking bigots and racists of color, and not white.

  2. Again, Kamala’s niece is a great example of stupidity in action. Say really dumb things and try to dig your way out by calling all Caucasians racist.
    you, young lady are the racist. You have only to look in the mirror to see a white racist!
    Go home, shut up and suck your thumb!

    1. Naturally, she has just proven that the Harris family are empty headed and talk like racists………….What can you expect from KH as her pappy was a Jamaican, and her mammy came from India……..All of them are lacking in smarts……….

      1. That is correct! Not too many democrats are very smart, but what these Black people are doing is just making it worst between black’s and whites. We don’t dislike you because you are Black, we dislike you because of the things that you all do!
        You have a hatred for all whites, regardless of who we are! That is RACIST!

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