Kamala Harris, husband caught serving West Bank-made Israeli wine at Seder dinner

Eagle-eyed denizens of the Twitterverse this weekend spotted something in a photo posted by second gentleman Douglas Emhoff that he and his wife, Vice President Kamala Harris, would likely prefer they hadn’t, due to its potentially triggering effect on the left, as the Washington Examiner reports.

As the outlet noted, Emhoff took to social media to share an image from the Passover Seder he and his spouse held for staffers, a photo which depicted attendees standing gathered around a long table set for the feast yet to come.

The problem, at least in the eyes of pro-Palestinian liberals here and abroad, was the fact that on the aforementioned table was a bottle of wine from Israeli producer Psagot Winery, which is based in the contentious West Bank, an area that includes settlements the existence of which the Biden administration stands in official opposition.

In response to the kerfuffle about the wine seen atop the Harris-Emhoff table, senior vice presidential adviser Herbie Ziskend said, “The wine served at the Seder was in no way intended to be an expression of policy.”

This is not the first time Psagot Winery has found itself in the news, having gained notoriety back in 2020 when winemaker Yaakov Berg named one of his creations after former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, as the Times of Israel reported at the time.

That honor came after Pompeo announced that then-President Donald Trump’s administration would not longer consider Jewish West Bank settlements to be illegal, adding to its staunchly pro-Israel credentials in the eyes of Berg.

Noting that the support Israel received from Pompeo would be remembered by the Jewish people “100 years from now,” Berg added of his wine-naming decision, “I felt like we need to honor him, to thank him, to really show some appreciation.”

While Berg’s admiration for Pompeo and the president under whom he served has never been in doubt, the vintner is clearly a patriotic pragmatist at heart, promising over the weekend that he would be equally happy to name a wine after Harris as well, provided she stands in opposition to any revived nuclear deal with Iran.