Kamala Harris hecked at campaign rally as she hides from mounting crises

Upon taking office as vice president of the United States, Kamala Harris almost certainly assumed that, as the first black female to hold the office, she would receive nothing but praise and adoration from all those around her.

However, much to VP Harris’ chagrin, she has found herself plagued by controversy, allegations of incompetence, and yes, even hecklers and has, as a consequence, been forced to remain largely out of sight in recent days, a scenario she surely never anticipated.

During and after the Biden administration’s egregiously mishandled withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, Harris seemed to be intentionally staying out of the limelight, avoiding public comment on the growing crises engulfing the White House.

However, she did venture to her home state of California earlier this week to campaign for embattled Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), who is in the midst of a heated recall election, as CBS News noted.

One would assume that a rally for a far-left California politician would have been a safe space for someone like Harris, but facts on the ground told a different story, as the vice president was immediately confronted by protestors prepared to air their serious grievances with the way she and Biden have been conducting the nation’s affairs.

According to KTXL in Sacramento a group of demonstrators gathered near the stage on which Harris was to appear, chanting “Free, free Afghanistan!” and waving the Afghanistan national flag.

Protestor Willy Moosayar explained that he was there to take Harris to task for the fact that the Biden administration’s mismanagement of the troop withdrawal will lead to the destruction of women’s rights under the reconstituted Taliban regime, adding his belief that the issue is one the White House will simply fade in the minds of American voters.

Those assembled at the Newsom rally were not alone in their condemnation of Harris’ silence on Afghanistan and the fallout that will likely be seen for years to come, as the Republican National Committee posted an advertisement nearby that said simply, “Californians are stranded in Afghanistan. Where’s Kamala? Campaigning in California.”

By, among other offenses, neglecting her role as the administration’s point person for addressing the southern border crisis and now by doing a disappearing act amid the collapse in Kabul, Harris has found herself on the receiving end of shockingly bad approval numbers, and instead of being the toast of the town everywhere she goes, she has had little choice but to remain in the shadows in hopes of distancing herself from the political carnage.