Kamala Harris hasn’t given a border press conference in 56 days

Nearly three months ago, President Joe Biden publicly tasked Vice President Kamala Harris with taking a lead role in the ongoing immigration crisis at the southern U.S. border.

Even though her exact role in the crisis response is still up for debate, depending on who you ask, Fox News reported that now 56 days have passed since she was handed the reigns and she has yet to give even a single press conference on the issue, leaving the press — and all Americans — in the dark about what, if any, progress is being made. 

On one side of the debate, as far as her supporters are concerned, Harris isn’t supposed to be on the ground at the border and touring detention facilities like everyone assumed she would.

Rather, they argue that her role, which was clarified by the White House after taking heat in previous months, is to explore the “root causes” of the immigration crisis by working with the “Northern Triangle” countries from where a bulk of the migrants are coming.

At the other end of the spectrum are Harris’ critics, including a number of Democrats who believe Harris, at the very least, should make a personal visit to the border, if anything to show that she acknowledges what’s really happening on the ground.

According to Newsweek, Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) is one of the latest high-profile Democrats who urged Harris to take a trip to the border, replying “of course” when she was asked by a reporter if Harris should make the trip.

“I don’t know. Maybe we have a few other things to deal with, like the pandemic and everything else, so I’m not going to point fingers at her in the sense of — I hope that she will go down to the border,” Hirono replied when asked why she thinks Harris hasn’t committed to a trip as of yet.

Other Democrats, like Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), who represents a border district, has continually called out the Biden administration for its lack of leadership on the issue. He recently called out the administration for posting new photos of nearly empty holding facilities, accusing the administration of simply moving the thousands of unaccompanied minors to nearby facilities in what he labeled a “shell game.”

Nobody is realistically expecting the border crisis to go away if Biden and Harris visit the border, but it’s not a stretch to presume that Americans from all political leanings simply want to see their leaders take notice of what’s going on and show even a little public leadership. It’s really that simple.

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61 Responses

  1. The theory that you are looking for is called the Q-anon. the left has been using it for years. That is why they keep trying to say it is a right wing conspiracy theory, they are projecting to discredit it while they are doing it. The leftists are trying to keep it under wraps so that people don’t know about it. It was all about how to bring down a nation without invading it. And all of the tenants of the theory are in play right now.

  2. There is not a polititans in Washington that could work in the private sector because they don’t have sence enough to come in out of the rain. If they were in the private sector the company wouldnt last as long as a snowball in Hell The waste attadude would break the company in a very short time. There is not a company that survive the way Government is run. I work for a County in N. C. and the waste is beyond what a person in the private sector for forty five years and could not imagine the waste when after retiring started working for County Government ten years ago, I knew it was bad waste in Government but it is a night mare that low down the totem pole. One woking ten watching. It is almost that bad it takes five people to do a one person job.

  3. You are missing the point – Harris endorsed what has been happening at the border since she was part of the California government. The mess there is her goal – why should she undo it? Only Ms. Vice because the Democrat party needed a woman of color (any color other than white) as a marketing ploy and the exuberant left ate it up. So we now have a puppet and an ad scheme representing the country while the world snickers, claps, & laughs. Now that the racial ploy has been added to the marketing the world sits back and wonders.

  4. the ho is tooooo stupid to give a press conference……She doesn’t know anything about politics , all she knows is being a ho….she is just enjoying her VP ILLEGAL statis…………time for her and joe to go……

  5. Having a forked tongue with many talents should provide her the opportunity to hone her multitasking duties with relative ease.

  6. She has c demonstrated that she is actually lazy. Imagine that as president. Would make Bumble Brain seem energetic.

  7. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    Harris is not doing her job and she should be kicked completely out of our government and “NOW”.


  9. One comment says Kamala is Brain Dead, she’s too stupid to have ANY brain,m Biden isn’t any better!!

  10. She’s brain dead also just like her boss old Josephine. A do nothing crazy radical raceist just like the liberal media that has her back.

  11. If you can’t or won’t do your job you need to be fired! That’s the way I ran my business. Many times you have to start at the top.

  12. My Economic Professor and Accounting Professors all said that you can not solve a problem until you understand the problem. If you do not go to the border, see the problems and talk to the people that work it every day, you do not understand the problem and therefore, can ignore and not solve any problems.

  13. Joe and Harris don’t want the American people to know what they are doing or going to do. Why would anyone vote for theses people. I can’t wait till 2022 to Vote these people out of office.

    1. you wont vote them out until 2024. we are stuck til then. unless we get a house and senate majority of repubs who have what it takes to impeach them.

  14. If you recall Biden said he wants to grant amnesty to one million people
    crossing the border. When that happens only then will he and Harris will
    go to the wall. If he was to close the border now, he couldn’t do those things.
    Only if we have a country left by then.

  15. What do you expect from BO BO Biden and HO HO Harris they are Devels from the other side of Hell they can’t do anything but lie and cheat it is the Demolocraps nature its all they have been taught by the Commie Demolocraps party. They will destroy this Great Country and it is the fault of the stupid ignorant voters that helped them steal the election and that is a fact. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that GOD is coming back and will give them their just rewards and send them to their fiery home in Hell and that is another fact. They can’t take on GOD and win and that is a FINAL fact. AMEN Lord.!!!!!

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  17. So much for a transparent administration. But on the other hand, if there are no press conferences she can’t say something and then step in it.

    1. She doesn’t need press conferences to step in it, she already fell in it face first, with her mouth wide open, could be heard say that was good crap.

  18. You all sure expect a lot from the ho whose name was on the ballot with little joey. Both are just worthless names, we all know that technically this is o’bammy’s third term in office with Susan Rice doing all the talking at this time. This nation is in deep doo-doo and little joey inadvertently keeps digging the hole deeper every time he opens his mouth. The people of this nation need to wake up and do it quick!


    1. When a President and Vice President are both incompetent at their jobs it is the Speaker of the house who is next in line.
      Did you know that Nancy Pelosi is related to George Soros? I really don’t think that having HER as the leader of our country
      is a good idea. Its Bad enough with the Brain damaged President and Absentee Vice President All we need is another Soros
      relative in Charge. Washington DC is a cesspool of Nepotism!!

  20. The constituents must be so gullible and uninformed to continue to place these incompetents in office.

  21. F**k the Main St. Gazette they won’t let me post my comments denouncing social**m. I had to put the asterisks in or else this comment wouldn’t be posted.

    1. Try posting it twice in the same place. The recaptcha thing is not working properly. It looks like some one is hacking their software to keep you from posting, have been having the same problem. Keep getting message that the recaptcha has failed.

  22. Remove Kamila Harris is not a good VP of color she think she is. America can’t sit around and wait for her to act. America is tired of Kama Harris BS.

    1. She is acting, like she knows not what she is doing. She is not trying to solve the border crisis, she is just getting you to complain about her, and not think about the border while more illegals flood across. She is just a distraction, a rabbit hole to fall in, while she does nothing. Don’t follow her around, hammer on the border as hard as possible. All of you that have a camera, hit the camps with telephoto lenses, follow where he is sending all of these illegals. There are thousands of you out there, we don’t need reporters or journalist, that work for the left, we the people can do the job. Just take the pictures and send them to the news outlets, and any other information that you can get, send it to many news outlets, so it will get out there.

      1. Why is no one suing Biden for diverting 2 billion from medicare to give it to illegals, this is illegal.

  23. She was already told no by voters once that they did not want her for president. This will not go over well for her when she runs again. Bad politicioning on her part. It will serve her right when she loses again. And those who say that she is the best VP yet. At what HIDING?

  24. IF CamelToe harris was working in the private sector……..SHE WOULD BE FIRED !!!!!
    Fire her now……and take the old man with you!!!!!
    DEMOCRATS are cheaters(2020 election) and LIARS!!!!!!

      1. I agree except for the fact that that would make THE WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST Nancy Pelosi President of the United States! Don’t we have enough problems!

    1. Tim, you are absolutely correct. My question is directed to the Congress (House and Senate) to explain why the bizarre and anti-American behavior, and gross incompetence of the Vice President would not justify investigation and removal action, similar to the actions attempted and taken for four years against former President Donald Trump and members of his Administration, which also opens the door to a broader discussion and investigation regarding the treasonous and illegal behaviors of House/Senate Members, specifically the majority of elected Progressive Democrats and a few House/Senate members from the Republican Party to explain and justify if they felt their incredible amount of wasted time, staff resources, taxpayer funding, behaviors, and negligence of sworn duty to the constituents who elected them and to the broader tax paying citizen population of our Country.
      As a Proud Marine Veteran and life long tax payer I have a right and responsibility to ask this question and make these supportive statements. Congress, White House and US Supreme Court you have a responsibility to “We The People” and if you do not live up to it “We The People” will do your job at the ballet box, the local and national courts and restore America as the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. God Bless our Military, Law Enforcement and other first responders, who protect and serve and most clearly set and abide by examples that you and the progressive/communist movement in our Country do not understand or care to acknowledge. Just Plain Stupidity!

      1. nothing can be done at the ballot box now that dominion is in all 50 states. like the man said. its not the votes that count, it who counts the votes. as has been proven repeatedly, the days of real elected officials are over. these machines and the men and women who man the polls are the ones who “elect” our politicians. until the day that several things are met, voting is useless. 1. no machines allowed. 2. paper ballots cast in person only. no exceptions allowed. if you are too ill to vote in person, you dont vote. period. 3. picture i.d. required, no excuse. you have to show i.d. to do anything in this world. buy a car, open a bank account, buy a house. you get the picture. and no excuses as to why you can’t get an i.d. that will put a major stop to all the shenanigans we saw and are now seeing in states that crowned sir biden of dementia. to Mr. Trujillo, the congress, house and senate, are all democrat controlled with KA MA LA being the tie-breaker. they wont turn on their own. we can do something about this come 2022 and 2024 hopefully, by. making repubs. the majority in both houses. hope the USA can hang on until then.

        1. Just because Dominion has voting machines in all 50 states, does not mean that we have to use them, that is the democrat talking point, not real fact. We still have paper ballots.

          1. Besides who in their right minds wood use compromised voting machines……………..never mind I think I know the answer to that.

      2. I’m with you all the way…this is one big circus with too many clowns in the house…the stupidity has to stop…it’s unbelievable that the democrats think they are above the law…WE THE PEOPLE want answers …the swamp must be drained immediately…enough is enough…remember, they work for us and if you were not doing your job performance as required you would be terminated…so why are they different from you and i.

        1. We need a referendum to remove all of the communist loving liars in congress, that took an oath to defend and protect the constitution, to stand them up against the wall put Biden in front of them. you get the idea I am sure. That is the only way to take care of traitors.

    2. I would care less if I picked up the morning paper and read that Kamala Harris was run over by a drunk/drugged driver (serious damage to the car worse than deer hit..lol)… Or caught a terminal case of coronavirus…. The coronavirus is free, and the drunk driver could cop a plea….

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      1. Absolutely correct! And that does not qualify her to be in the White House period. Both she and Biden do not qualify for the positions they are holding. One is dementia ridden and the other is a whore.

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