Kamala Harris goes full wokie during speech for Native American group, tears America down in nauseating address

Vice President Kamala Harris has kicked up another public relations firestorm for the Biden administration after giving a speech for the National Congress of American Indians, in which she went after America’s “shameful past.”

Harris made her appearance at the group’s annual convention Tuesday and her speech was packed to the brim with self-flagellating platitudes about how terrible America is and why we all need to apologize for the blood on our hands.

The reality behind America’s founding is much more complex than the Vice President would like it to be. The real issue for Vice President Harris is Americans have no patience for yet another woke rant while the nation is falling apart.

Vice President Harris is supposed to be working to fix the crisis at the southern border, yet she would rather deliver soulless speeches on the sins of America’s past.

Many Americans are grappling with serious struggles currently and have no time to spare thoughts for the sins of their fathers. Inflation is causing the prices of crucial goods to skyrocket, and the economy is on the brink of collapse.

What was interesting about the Vice President’s speech is she lamented that “Native Americans are more likely to live in poverty, to be unemployed, and often struggle to get quality healthcare and to find affordable housing.”

The irony of that complaint is the fact that Native Americans have been targeted by countless government welfare programs to improve their quality of life.

Shockingly, government programs have failed horrifically in bringing the Native American population in line with other ethnic groups. Kamala Harris and her ideological companions want to force those same failing ideas on the rest of America.

Americans are sick and tired of hearing from the Vice President, and the Biden administration would be wise to keep her under wraps. Every speech and viral moment simply translates to more Republican votes in 2022.